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35 Inspiring Long Layered Bob Haircuts

The traditional bob as we know it came on the scene in the 1920s and has remained a go-to staple in hairstyling ever since. Today, there are many modern takes on this classic. One of the most universally flattering is the long layered bob. It possesses the sassiness of its predecessor, but without the commitment of going too short, plus the layers add a new level of movement. It really is the perfect transition cut if you’re easing your way from long to short hair or just looking for a seasonal switch up.

Layered Lobs for Any Taste

While the name itself offers some basic guidelines, there is still a full spectrum of options to choose from while searching for inspiration photos. Preparation is key when approaching a new chapter in your hair story, so here are some great examples to get you on the right track.

#1: Chic Layered Lob Worn Straight

Middle-parted hairstyles are always low-maintenance and easy to style, but this long layered bob also looks stylish and enchanting. Add blonde babylights and money pieces to step up your natural hair color and accentuate the tan skin.

#2: Long Layered Bob with a Side Part

Layered bob hairstyles work great not only for thin-haired ladies but also for those with thick hair. The layers add a natural-looking movement to your locks, while subtle highlights make the hair color more alluring and dimensional.

#3: Mid-Length Layered Bob for Fine Hair

This layered wavy hair is so chic and sexy! To achieve this weightless effect on your highlighted hair, slightly curl and tease the locks. Style front layers as curtain bangs to make your eyes more magnetic.

#4: Long Bob Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

If you want to experiment with your short brown hair, try out this flattering angled lob with blunt ends and blonde balayage. Highlights will bring more texture and dimension to your hair, making it look fuller.

#5: Gorgeous Angled Bob with Money Pieces

There’s something charming about long layered bob hairstyles, especially if they are complemented with trendy face-framing highlights. To create this beautiful natural wave texture, let your hairstylist add internal layers all over your head.

#6: Cute Layered Bob with Bangs

Shaggy lob with wispy bangs is very universal as it suits any face shape and hair texture. With blonde balayage and textured layers, you will get a playful hairstyle that will flatter your lovely appearance. Pro tip: use a texturizing spray to give your hair a tousled look.

#7: Effortless Lob for Straight Hair

Begin a new season with a fresh outstanding haircut! Opt for long bob hairstyles with face-framing layers to emphasize the gorgeous blonde shade of your hair, and leave dark roots to make this cut more low-maintenance.

#8: Platinum Shaggy Bob with Dark Roots

Long layered bob hairstyles don’t only look mesmerizing but require minimum styling time — solid pros! You’ll never regret it if you pick this longer bob with shaggy layers.

#9: Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

Thin hair often lacks volume and fullness, but layers are made to fix this issue once and forever. Opt for a shoulder-length cut with shattered choppy layers to bring your fine locks an illusion of flattering dimension.

#10: Long Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots

We truly love this long bob haircut with choppy layers, as it works perfectly for any face shape. Besides, you don’t have to blow dry your hair to get this voluminous look, as it looks amazing even if air-dried.

#11: Burgundy Lob with Side Bangs

Sophisticated and polished, this A-line cut is made to turn you into a true fashionista! A trendy burgundy hue adds shine and vibrancy to this angled bob, while layers and side bangs make it more voluminous and fuller.

#12: Silver Lob with Curtain Bangs and Layers

A shade as beautiful as this deserves the same aspiring hairstyle! The layers and curtain bangs bob cut is a proven recipe for a more voluminous and fuller hairstyle. Leave your ends blunt to bring edgy vibes to this look.

#13: Thick Hair with Bangs and Textured Layers

Bob haircuts will always be popular among women of all ages, but textured layers and bangs make it even trendier and easy to manage on a thick mane. These details bring extra volume and movement to the locks, making this wavy hairstyle a #1 option for ladies looking to break free from the bulk.

#14: Golden Blonde Layered Bob

Full of texture, this long bob haircut with staked layers at the back is super versatile. Whether you wear it straight or wavy, it will add dynamics and volume to your shiny locks.

#15: Long Bob with Feathered Layers

If you prefer elegant and accurate haircuts, this long feathered bob is the perfect solution! Layers of different lengths create a natural-looking volume, which is easy to style. Blow-dry your locks for this pretty bouncy effect

#16: Sophisticated Inverted Lob

For a slightly less dramatic take on the stacked cut, try the long inverted bob haircut. There is less weight in the back, but you still get a nice shape that is uber glam and draws attention to your face.

#17: Light Brown Lob with Layers

For a softer look, go with fewer lengths in your layers. Just one shorter layer on top will provide depth without adding a ton of volume. Wrap the hair in small pieces loosely around a large curling iron for a shaggy, undone finish.

#18: Sophisticated Work-Ready Style

If the images of vamped up bobs aren’t doing it for you, a more polished look can be achieved by going with a slightly angled cut with layers softly tucked in. Style using a straightener for those busy workday mornings.

#19: Lob with Fringed Bangs

A traditional bob cut is finished off with bangs cut straight across the forehead. While cute on the right face shape, it can be harsh on some. A softer approach is a long layered bob that modernizes itself by replacing the bangs’ blunt edge with fringe.

#20: A-Line Lob with Highlights

An A-Line cut is less dramatic than its inverted counterpart as it offers a more gradual change in length. You’ll typically have fewer, less pronounced, layers making this a really simple-to-style lob.

#21: Dramatic Side Part

If you’re a volume junky, a deep side part will be your best friend. A light curl and lifting spray will help you achieve this glam style. The chunky layers help balance the boost for a full shape all the way around.

#22: Brown Lob with Caramel Balayage

Layered bob haircuts are some of the most diverse cuts when it comes to styling. If you’re going for a more girly look, think layers softly curled at the ends. The long wavy finish will add to the elegance and elongate the face.

#23: Stacked Messy Haircut

If you have lots of hair, it is a blessing and a curse. Thick hair is gorgeous, but can be a beast to manage. Try a stackedbob haircut with layers that allows you to keep the weight in the back, but the focus up front.

#24: Textured Medium Cut

Loads of layers at varying lengths add so much visual interest to the cut. Plus, by feathering the ends with a razor, you can simply use some texturizing cream to get a messy look that still leaves you in control.

#25: Razored Blonde Balayage Lob

Razoring layers offers a softer appearance versus the blunt finish of a scissor cut. You’ll get more variation in the lengths which is ideal for that bedhead vibe. The razor also thins the hair, so this is a great option for those with a thicker name

#26: Angled Bob with Long Layers

Haircuts that use an angled shape feature an element of strict geometry that can be softened with wavy styling. The long layers in the front draw the eye downwards and are perfect for elongating the face.

#27: Centre-Parted Layered Lob

Choppy layers instantly create visual interest and are a great addition to a layered bob.Go no shorter than shoulder length and finish with loose curls to keep the style from appearing dated or flat.

#28: Easy Breezy Long Bob

Looking for an easy but gorgeous cut perfect for those casual weekends? Go with a low maintenance option that offers longer layers ready to be primped or air-dried au natural.

#29: Shaggy Lob with Root Fade

The loose waves of this layered bob add a fullness that can be a blessing to ladies with thin hair. Keeping the length on the shorter side also prevents the ends from looking stringy.

#30: Tousled Platinum Hairstyle

You’ll notice the shorter layers that fall at the cheekbone level and the side sweep that creates a faux angled bang. Both details are perfect to loosely frame the face. Remember that the more layers, the more volume, making thin hair the ideal candidate for such a cut.

#31: Gray Angled Haircut

An inverted hairstyle is a great option for anyone wanting to make a statement. While many pictures of such a bob feature straightened hair, this one tosses in some curl and a blunt bang for a funkier finish.

#32: Subtle Layers with Waves

Nothing says cool and casual better than a loose and wavy style. Fewer layers make for less style-time as you can cover larger sections with a barrel curling iron.

#33: Gorgeous Curled Bob

Perhaps the most glamorous of all layered bob hairstyles is the one that allows plenty of length for some serious curl. Shorter layers in the back draw eyes to the long locks in the front. This is a great option for black hair as the curl adds texture and shows off some amazing sheen.

#34: Layered Bob for Curly Hair

If you’ve been blessed with naturally curly hair, the long bob is a great idea for you! Go with fewer layers so that you don’t end up with too much volume around the center of your head.

#35: Long Cut with Deep Side Part

If you’re looking for drama without going too short, consider a long bob with layers served with a deep part on the side. This flattering shape accentuates your eyes and cheekbones.

The long layered bob is a really versatile cut, flattering for women of any age. It can be classic, trendy, edgy, or preppy and can be styled depending on your mood. Hopefully these images have helped you envision your own take on this great haircut!

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