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5 Reasons To Embrace Your Gray Hair

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a gray-hair revolution. Silvery strands, creamy white hues, and salt and pepper hair are trendy unlike ever before, as more and more women continue to #BreakTheBias.

Considering some women begin to find gray hairs in their twenties (or in some cases even earlier), isn’t it about time we embrace what our mommas gave us? There’s something liberating—not to mention fashionable!—about just letting it grow out already. It’s a hot topic of conversation, too. Take the return of Miranda Hobbes on the Sex And The City revival, And Just Like That, for example. In her fifties, the former lawyer was embracing her grays, and it was a full-blown discussion between her, Charlotte, and many passionate online fans.

Meanwhile, in real life, celebrities are embracing their natural looks in a whole new way as well. The Walking Dead star Melissa McBride has beautiful white locks, Chrissy Teigen has chatted at length about her awesome gray streaks, and stars like Katie Holmes and Jessica Biel have even strutted their salt and pepper hair at awards shows in recent years.

The haircare industry is also getting in on the trend. Stylists are snipping up shorter styles that help embrace the grow-out phase, products that keep white hues looking fresh and sleek are popping up on shelves, and more experts are speaking out on proper gray hair maintenance.

We’ve expanded our shade selection to include two new light gray and dark gray hues that are perfect for embracing your grays while giving the appearance of naturally fuller and luxurious hair. Whether you’re looking for a ponytail extension, a clip-in bun, or extensions from our Halo and Seamless collection, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn why and how you too can embrace this gray hair revolution:

1. It's Trendy

It used to be that only men were applauded for their distinguished, salt and pepper hairstyles. But these days it’s women who are showing off their natural looks in empowering new ways.

From TV shows and movies, to high fashion catwalks, to people we know and chat to in our everyday lives, it’s clear that more and more women are embracing their gray hair. In fact, the term “white hair” no longer conjures up the image of a grandmother or a questionable cat lady; instead we’re seeing younger models, powerful professionals, and everyday women prove just how beautiful gray hair can be—at any age.

2. It can save you money

We love a good touch-up or balayage as much as the next person, and embracing your gray hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re never going to touch a bottle of color again. However, there is something to be said about the money you can save by skipping out on expensive highlights and other hair salon treatments by letting your natural tresses shine. Plus, after all those years of touching up your roots, wouldn’t it be nice to just skip all of that muss and fuss? Even though you’ll probably miss your hairdresser, just think of all the time you’ll save by not having to visit them every single month during those maintenance visits.

3. It's better for your tresses

Money and time aside, not dyeing your hair as frequently as you used to is undeniably good for your actual hair and scalp. Even though the formulas that we’ve got in salons these days are infinitely friendlier on your hair, they still cause some breakage and damage every time you use them. Gray hairs are particularly prone to damage by these kinds of dyes since gray hair follicles are void of melanin (the naturally occurring chemical that gives your hair pigmentation in the first place). Plus, strand cuticles themselves are thinner. A thinner cuticle means hair is less protected against water, UV rays, humidity, heat styling and—you guessed it!—chemicals. So as you begin to notice more grays in your life, embracing them instead of hiding them will actually be entirely healthier for your hair in the long-run.

4. Iy's a natural, anti-aging look

Your first instinct may be to hide your gray hair because you feel as though it makes you look old. However that’s not necessarily the case. Darker hair tends to highlight facial features even more than lighter hair does, which is why salt and pepper hair may actually soften your overall look. If you want to get the most out of your new, natural tresses, work with your hairstylist to inject moisture and light-reflecting metallic and silver gray shades into your mane. It’s flattering, and when paired with a softer cut that frames the face, it can be totally youthful as well—especially in terms of hairstyles for women over 50.

5. It's downrigt freeing

Look, at the end of the day women should do what makes them look and feel good, and every woman is different. However, if you’re tired of chasing away gray hairs and feel as though you’ve spent way too much time, money, and effort on maintaining the same hair colour for the past several years, you wouldn’t be alone. These days there are tons of social media support groups for women who have embraced their gray hair and haven’t looked back since. Not only are these women liberated from the pressures of keeping up an impossible battle, but they’re also taking a stance on the long-standing double standard between men and women as they age. If you too are tired of all that, then embracing your salt and pepper hair will probably be downright freeing for you, too.

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Article taken by Luxy Hair


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