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5 Reasons Why People Love Shellac Manicures

The nail treatment industry is buzzing about a progressively sturdy option called shellac nails. What is Shellac? A shellac manicure can even last for up to a month. We can also say that there are multiple benefits of getting the one from our so-beautified team


Dry Faster

Since your manicurist will set your shellac nails with a UV light, they will be scorched in no time and enable you to walk out of the salon with no worries.



As compared to the acrylic nails, applying shellac nails are much less invasive and consume lesser time



One thing we can say that Shellac manicures are much stronger than manicures with regular polish As a result, your nails wont chip as quickly.


Natural Look

Since the natural look is trending in right now, most of the pepople prefer Shellac nails combine the best of both the natural and artificial


Easier to Maintain

Shellac nails last much longer than conventional nail treatment, and both the application and expulsion process hurt less than methodology for acrylic nails.

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