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6 chic short bob hairstyles for an on-trend look in 2024

Want to take your bob up a notch? These are the short bob hairstyles the experts predict will be big news for 2024

Bob haircuts are reigning supreme this year, but trendsetters are taking it a step further by heroing short bob hairstyles for the upcoming season.

Hairstylists are getting seriously creative with this classic style, thinking up more cut and styling options than ever before – complete with some catchy (and some quite out there) names. There’s the maxi bob, the bubble bob, even the inverted teacup bob, and that’s just for starters. The key to keeping your bob current? Opting for a short bob hairstyle, which we’d categorise as any bob that’s above shoulder length, but ideally jaw-length or shorter.

“The short bob never really goes out of fashion,” says pro hairdresser and founder of MD London, Michael Douglas. “It’s always around, it’s just waiting to land on someone popular and be brought back into the mainstream. The great thing about a bob is that it generally suits most people, and it’s universally understood what it is when someone asks for one. It’s also a way of having short hair that’s not masculine – it can still look very feminine.” If you’re considering going for the chop in 2024, these are the short bob hairstyles to know about…


Tried a lob (that’s a long bob for the uninitiated) and want to go shorter? Or looking to do something dramatic with your long hairstyle? A short bob hairstyle is the answer. Rather than heading into the salon with a generic idea of what you want and ending up with post-appointment regret, use this round-up to swot up on the trends of the moment before you go…

1. Micro Bob

First stop, the micro bob, which, as you might have guessed by the name, is probably the shortest of all the short bob hairstyles on our list. So, what exactly is it? “A micro bob is an ultra-short form of the classic bob style haircut,” explains Alicia Dobson, celebrity stylist and Bellissima Italia ambassador. “This chic haircut sits between the cheekbone and the chin and can be one of the best hairstyles to accentuate your bone structure.” If you already have a strong jaw or defined cheekbones or want to make either of these appear sharper than they are in reality, then this is the style for you.

Owing to the super short length, the micro bob is best suited to anyone with naturally straight or wavy hair that doesn’t require a lot of heat styling. Frazzled split ends show up very quickly on hair this short, so you want to keep tools to a minimum and wash and go where possible.

2. The Short Blunt Bob or Box Bob

Confusingly, there are a couple of bob terms that refer to the same hairstyle, meaning it’s harder than ever for your hairdresser to know what you mean unless you’re super clear. Taking pictures always helps, as sometimes words can be misconstrued. A perfect example of this is “the box bob or blunt bob, which are the same really,” advises Douglas.

“I think this style is going to be really popular. Remember the secretary in Love Actually, the one who has a fling with Alan Rickman’s character? She has the perfect example of a short box bob that I think we will see a lot of in 2024,” adds Douglas. If you don’t get the festive reference and need a little refresher, it’s a very simple bob that’s cut with blunt, boxy ends that are all one length. You can wear it with a middle parting, add interest with some slightly shorter pieces at the front, or follow in Alan Rickman’s love interest’s footsteps with a full fringe.

3. The Short Mushroom Bob

We know the name isn’t entirely appealing, but hear us out. A mushroom bob is less about the specific cut of your short bob hairstyle and more about the way it’s styled. “I predict that the mushroom bob will be a big trend for 2024,” says Dobson. “It’s a rounded style bob and usually the same length all the way around, which makes it look just like the top of a mushroom. It’s low-maintenance, easy-to-style and helps you look glam and put together with minimal effort.”

The secret to creating that rounded finish is to make sure you’re lifting your hair at the roots when styling, creating a curved shape through the lengths and tucking under the ends. The more natural volume you have in your hair, the easier this will be to achieve.

4. The Short Bob with An Even Shorter Fringe

This short bob hairstyle is pretty self-explanatory and refers to a short bob with a micro fringe. Longer fringe styles like curtain bangs don’t work very well with cropped cuts, as they can merge together and confuse the overall shape of your style. But by opting for a very short fringe, there’s no overlap. For maximum impact, aim for there to be a noticeable gap between the ends of your fringe and your brows.

It’s not a cut that’s going to appeal to or suit everyone, and we’d recommend chatting to your hairdresser first about whether it’s the right hairstyle for your face shape. Generally speaking, it will be best suited to oval face shapes, who can get away with pretty much anything, or rounded face shapes to help soften the edges and give them a more structured, angular appearance.

5. Le Petit Bob

Our obsession with French beauty is showing no signs of waning, with the French bob trend spawning a shorter, chicer sister for 2024. The French bob is characterised as a chin-length bob complete with a brow-skimming fringe. It’s quite heavy and normally worn with a relaxed, textured wave. Le petit bob builds on this, but is far shorter – cut closer to the cheekbone than the jaw. To get this length, the hair needs to be graduated slightly, making it longer around the nape of the neck and shorter at the front.

There’s nowhere to hide with a style this short, so we’d only recommend going for this cut if you have naturally very straight hair that barely requires any styling. If you’ve got a short hairstyle, like a pixie cut, that you’re growing out then this is a good shape to opt for to help you avoid that awkward, in-between length when it’s not quite a crop, not quite a bob and still far too short to tie up.

6. The Short Maxi Bob

How can a bob be short and maxi all at once you ask? Well, the short part refers to the length, while the maxi bit refers to the layers and how you style it. “I think voluminous bobs are going to be big in 2024,” says Jess Elbaum, celebrity hairstylist working in association with HASK. “We saw more and more big curls and blow dries on towards the back of 2024 and this is definitely continuing into the new year.” A maxi bob has more interest and movement than a one-length bob, with layers cut in to frame your face and create the illusion of thickness.

As oomph is the aim of the game, the maxi bob is best suited to curly or coily hair that naturally boasts volume and bounce. You can ramp this up at every stage of the washing and styling process too, by shampooing upside down and diffusing your hair with the nozzle pointing upwards to encourage spring in your spirals. A short maxi bob isn’t completely off the cards if you have straight hair, but you’ll need to lean heavily on products like mousse and your best sea salt spray to stop it falling flat by lunch. Get yourself a new look today with The Shampoo Lounge.

The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our instagram, our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.

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