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On The Move - Six Exciting Canggu Hair Trends

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The midi flick, the curtain bob and the frame cut!

Leading stylist, presenter and Evo international creative director Tom Smith exclusively shares his predictions for the leafy-season ahead.

It might not feel like it, with rolling heatwaves and sticky summer nights, but autumn is creeping up, and with it cosy, soft hairstyles are sliding back into fashion. From flicked bobs to subtle shagginess and blunt, tousled mid-lengths, Tom Smith, resident trend forecaster, hair stylist, presenter and Evo International creative director, shares his predictions for the leafy season ahead exclusively with Stylist.

1. The midi flick

“This style is ideal for giving life and body to fine-to-medium hair textures, and with the right approach can be tailored to thicker hair types, too. Because the length sits comfortably on the collarbone, the hair is supported and can move and bounce off of the support of the shoulder and neck.

“A continuation of the fluffy blow dry we saw earlier this year, the glamour and volume of the 90s supermodel era is still making waves for autumn. A timeless style that anyone can embrace.”

Tip: “Ask for a length that sits between the top of your shoulder and the top of your collarbone with soft, face-framing layers that are designed to be worn flipped over to one side for maximum volume and airiness.”

2. The frame cut

“If two of my favourite trends of 2022 had a baby – bottleneck bangs and Botticelli waves – this haircut would be it. The frame is all about embracing one’s natural waves to cut an irregular fringe or bang that sits above the eyebrows and frames the face. Typically, creating a corner around the eyes for longer hair to frame the sides of the face is a fantastic choice to flatter longer faces and highlight the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones.

“Autumn is a great time to try a bang or fringe as the weather cools and the sweaty impracticalities of wearing your hair on your face disappear. If you have a cowlick or wavy hair, even better.”

Tip: “An experienced hairstylist can work with the natural characteristics of your hair and hairline to create a ‘frame’ that is unique to you. It’s a great opportunity to show off a well-groomed eyebrow or to shorten a high forehead while framing the eyes. Ask your stylist to recommend the shape best for you.”

3. Flipped fringe

“While the ruffled waves of the summer were all about middle partings and flattened roots, autumn is going to showcase lifted side partings and ‘flipped over’ fringes. That effortless lift you get when your hair is tucked into an autumn coat is the vibe – glamorous without trying, highlighting super healthy, clean, lightweight voluminous hair.”

Tip: “For best results, let your hair dry in the middle first. Then, flip it over to create a side parting. This will give maximum root lift. Don’t worry if it begins to fall flat during the day – just flip it to the other side and the volume will return.”

4. Blunt Botticelli bob

“The popular Botticelli hair trend has been evolving throughout the year. Recently, it has transitioned from the super-long ruffled waves of summer (and the Met Gala) to a shorter, sharper version for the autumn months that looks slightly looser, too. The slightly triangular silhouette is fantastic for round and square face shapes and can be adjusted with a middle or side parting depending on preference and suitability.”

Tip: “The key here is no layers. Keep the length blunt and straight and allow your natural waves or curls to be free and fluffy. A mist of Evo Shebang a Bang Dry Spray Wax or a few drops of Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil can keep frizz under control without losing the airiness of the look.”

5. Curtain cut

“New on the scene and one for those ready for a dramatic change is the curtain cut. No longer reserved for a 90s boy band member, this chic and minimal cut is extremely flattering in the way it frames the face, particularly for those with a longer neck due to the crisp contrast of the horizontal line of the haircut and the long vertical necklines. This cut can also be adjusted for those unwilling to lose their length by creating a longer bob – just keep those ends tucked forward.”

Tip: To keep the edges of this cut crisp and sharp use a straightening iron (my go-to is Cloud Nine which has an easy-to-use temperature control to adjust to your needs) and slightly turn the ends under and toward the face. The trick here is to use smooth, slow movements. If you don’t get it perfect straight away, let the section cool before trying again.”

6. Wet-look Elvis

“Wet-look styles have been seen on the red carpet for a while now, but sleek, high-gloss finishes emulating that ‘fresh shower’ energy is going to be incredibly popular as we transition seasons. After a scorcher of a summer, this trend champions healthy hair, regular trims and deep glossing.

“For a more extreme just-out-of-water look, gels and even rinse-out conditioners can be utilised. Left in, they create hold and an immediate wet look. Influencers such as Victoria Sharp have been teaching us how to style wet-look short hair with great results. It can also be a fantastic protective style for ‘wash day’ hair.”

Tip: “I would recommend styling your hair with the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector treatment which will dry into the hair leaving it to set in place. While wearing, it will have also been treating your hair as it dries – what a bonus.”

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