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9 Benefits of Tape Hair Extensions

Do you want to achieve fuller hair naturally? Are you planning to try a new hairstyle? With tape in hair extensions, you can add extra length, thickness, and volume to your hair in just a few minutes. Tape in hair extensions have pre-taped wefts that are composed of adhesive. Just like other types of hair extensions, they are usually one inch wide and are made from 100% human hair. This breakthrough in the beauty industry continues to rise in popularity because it has a lot of things to offer. Let’s take a look at the tape hair extensions benefits to see why it stands out from other hair extension methods.

Natural Appearance

Tape in hair extensions can add style and volume to your hair with natural and discreet results. This is because hair extensions are harvested from a human donor who has soft, silky hair. It can also provide extremely natural results in clients with thin hair because the tape lies flat to the scalp. By choosing the colour that suits your hair shade, you can enjoy fuller hair without anyone noticing that you’re wearing hair extensions.

Less Maintenance

Unlike other methods, tape in hair extensions require less maintenance. Depending on how fast your hair grows and how you care for your new hair, you will only need to visit the salon every 4 to 6 weeks after the application of your hair extensions. Moreover, it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to apply your tape in hair extensions and it can hold the set hairstyle for several days. This is quicker than any other method, which makes it the perfect choice for people with a hectic schedule and other priorities in life.

Lower Risk Of Scalp Discomforts

Some methods of hair extension can lead to poor client satisfaction due to scalp discomforts associated with their application. For instance, clip-in hair extensions can be painful especially if applied close to the hair roots. This is because the clip puts pressure on your scalp, which can increase the risk of hair loss. Moreover, using clips can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation because they are made of metal. Unlike tape in hair extensions, the application is pain-free since they are incredibly lightweight and they adhere well to your real hair without putting any pressure on your scalp.

More Hairstyle Options

If you want to try out a new look, tape in hair extensions can help you achieve your desired hair goals. Since they are harvested from a human donor, you can experiment with your hair extensions by using a straightener or a curling wand without melting the bonds or damaging the hair. In addition, you can also blow-dry your tape in hair extensions to achieve a soft, silky appearance. To address your hairstyle needs, you can choose from a wide array of shades such as blonde, black, brown, pink, blue, and many other colours. This eliminates the need to chemically colour your hair while preventing damage to your real hair.

More Hair Texture Options

Aside from the broad range of hairstyles that tape in hair extensions can offer, it also comes with various textures that you can choose from. These include straight hair extensions as well as different types of curls such as curly, deep curly, and kinky. It provides you the opportunity to mix and match different hair textures with different hair colours.

Easy Removal

If you want to alternate your hairstyle or you want to return to your original hairstyle, tape in hair extensions might be right for you. Of all hair extension methods, tape in hair extensions are the easiest to remove. This is because they are applied using a high-quality double-sided tape, which is attached to a portion of your hair. The process of removal requires the use of a special bond removal solution, which allows the tapes to slide out naturally without the need for pulling. This also helps remove any residue on your hair.

Great Durability

Your routine hair care may have a negative impact on other methods of hair extensions but not on tape in hair extensions. This type of hair extension allows you to wash it regularly with water without causing damage. Tape in hair extensions are extremely durable and it will remain intact even when wet. You can also blow-dry them regularly without worrying that the bonds will melt because they can withstand high temperatures. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain factors such as how your hair extensions are applied and how they are cared for will significantly affect their durability.

Safe To Use

Tape in hair extensions offer a high level of safety. Since the tape lies flat to the scalp, it prevents unnecessary pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of skin irritation and hair loss. This makes it a great option for clients with fine, thin hair who want to achieve increased hair volume and length. In addition, the adhesive used on the tape is free from latex, solvents, or toxic ingredients. This reduces the risk of an allergic reaction and other side effects.

Easy Replacement

Certain activities can accidentally damage the tapes in your hair extensions. These include bending, aggressive pulling of hair, and using high ponytails. While these actions are unavoidable, they can pull the underside of the connection of your tape in hair extensions, resulting in accidental removal. The good news is that you can reuse your hair extensions by replacing the old tapes with new high-quality double-sided tapes. After a few minutes of reapplication, your hairstyle is back to its glamorous look.

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