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9 Nail Art Trends To Keep Your Digits Looking Fresh Throughout 2022

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

With the current way of the world, it's the simple pleasures in life that are the most important. And when it comes to beauty, there's nothing quite like preparing for a new year with a fresh set of nails.

The power of a brand new and oh-so-trendy manicure helps add something special to not only our hands, but to your new year mentality as well. Whether you opt to hone the craft of at-home nail art—or prefer to leave it to the professionals—there's bound to be a manicure out there for you.

Seeing as the new year will (hopefully) see us out and about more than the past two years, it's time to start strategizing your nail game, whether that be by experimenting with new styles or heading to your manicurist for a masterful application of your favourite classics with a twist. But first, you need to know what's hot and what's not.

The Top Nail Trends for 2022

Looking for some manicure inspiration ahead of 2022? Here, we've rounded up nine nail trends that you're bound to see on every fingertip next year.

Scroll on to see them all.

1. Barely There

Some might say that neutrals are now a no-no. But after years of lockdowns and at-home dressing, easiness has trumped extravagence, and yes, that rule is for our nails too. Toned-down shades of beige and light pink are perfect, as they let your natural nail shine while keeping them healthy.

2. Multiple Checkerboards

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, checkerboard nails have become a must-have for manicure maniacs throughout 2021. But for the upcoming year, mix-and-matching the trend on the one hand is on the menu. If you have a steady hand, God speed. If not, we suggest opting for a professional's touch to nail this look.

3. Stickerbook Nails

Grab your childhood sticker book and give your nails the throwback treatment with this 2022 trend. An easy DIY, opt for a selection of fun nail stickers and apply to manicured fingertips or neutral nails.

4. Mixed Textures

There's nothing more satisfying than applying a good quality topcoat. It finishes any manicure perfectly, while keeping your tips intact. And this trend is all about what goes on top. Mixing mattes with a traditional glossy top coat can elevate any manicure, and all with minimal effort.

5. Periwinkle Paradise

Known as Pantone's colour of the year, Periwinkle is a dreamy blue-toned hue, that's bound to end up on every fingertip by the end of 2022. Solid, striped, French tipped or otherwise, we're on board.

6. Y2K Swirls

It's no surprise that the early '00s is back in more ways than one. Hair, makeup and fashion aside, our favourite Y2K trends are also returning to our fingertips. Flowers, smiley faces, bright swirls, if it was seen in the new millennium, then it's headed back to your nails.

7. Rainbow French Tips

The classic that just keeps coming back. A sweet and summer-loving twist on the iconic French manicure, the Rainbow French Tip is the best of both worlds—multi-coloured fun with the sophistication of a delicate tip. The best bit? It's not hard to do on your lonesome.

8. Gallons of Green

Perfect for the festive season, it seems like green hues are making their way onto our nails during the rest of the year too. Verdant, or the ever-popular 'Bottega Green', has become the hottest colour for the new year. And honestly, nothing feels more put together than matching your manicure to your handbag.

9. Three-Dimensional Details

From pearls to elevated swirls and ornaments, three-dimensional nail art is the next innovative iteration of manicures. While, no, it's not the most practical trend, it certainly makes a statement. Just make sure to not catch your nails on anything valuable.

Do you want your nail looks beautiful? We've got you covered! The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.


Article written by Diandra Malvindi for Elle

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