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A LONG hair expert has shared the kitchen buy that helps stimulate growth

The affordable cooking staple also helps remove scalp buildup.

A long hair expert shared a kitchen staple they use to stimulate the scalp (Stock photo)

Redditor JenniferCoolidgesbra shared the beauty hack in a viral post.

They explained that speedy hair growth is mainly due to one's genetics, but a few haircare tricks can help.

"I think most of it is genetics as I’ve seen people use cheap shampoos and do nothing and grow their hair quickly," they explained.

A technique they use is scalp exfoliation to increase blood flow and circulation.

"But it definitely helps to exfoliate the scalp with some sugar once a week to stimulate it and remove skin cells and use oils and serums in the end after styling. Hair masks are good too!" they said.

The cheap and easy hack, they added, is accessible for everyone.

"A tablespoon of sugar and just massage it into your scalp after you wet it before you shampoo," they explained.

The sugar, they added, is not harmful to your scalp, compared to many non-salon grade shampoos which have a higher pH level.

"Sugar doesn’t matter as you rinse and shampoo it out straight after, and it removes the layer of built-up skin cells, the same as if you exfoliate your face," they said.

Others agreed that the strategy was a great way to remove dead scalp skin cells on a budget.

"It acts as an exfoliation agent, has no harsh chemicals, is washed straight out, and works to slough skin cells that prevent hair growth and lead to dandruff," said another commenter.

"I learned it off a hairdresser and have waist-length healthy hair."

The knowledgeable Redditor added that low-maintenance steps, like a quarterly trim, can help keep hair healthy.

"Unless you have been blessed with amazing hair, you need a tiny trim every three to four months to get rid of split and dried ends so it doesn't split up the whole strand," they said.

"Your hair grows thicker, healthier, and softer as opposed to thinning out on the ends."

For those with thicker hair, they recommended getting the strands thinned out for convenience.

"The bulk [gets] taken out with some thinning shears. Helps a million and makes it so much easier to style, brush, and [gets] less tangled.

"It also feels a lot lighter and cooler, and ponytails and buns are easier!"

One hair growth practitioner encouraged those looking to expedite the process to pay attention to their diet.

"The best way is to nourish from the inside. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients and enough water," they said.

"Most people don't drink enough water. As a petite woman, I drink four to five bottles a day; sometimes, I drink six if I've been sweating, crying, etc.

"Aside from that, I oil my hair, exfoliate my scalp, and trim off an inch or less every few months. It's also important to wear protective styles while you sleep and during cold or windy days."

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