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Babylights Are the Low-Maintenance Way to Add Dimension to Hair

So subtle.

If you’re considering a new dye job to freshen up your dull hair, babylights are a great option. The subtle look is trending for its ability to create dimension and its low-maintenance upkeep. Unlike regular highlights, babylights are more fine and have less definition, making them much more natural looking. That said, they look just as spectacular with fall hair colors and winter hair colors as they do during warmer months, since they are relatively low stakes and won’t lighten strands too much. “Babylights are soft, subtle highlights that enhance the natural color,” says Michelle Hong, founder and creative director of NYC The Team hair salon. “They are finer that your usual highlights that create more of a natural blend that brightens up your hue.”

Rachel Spits, Balmain Hair’s Couleurs Couture developer, agrees and likens the effect to highlights that occur naturally—like when you were a little kid or when you spend time in the sun frequently. “Babylights is a hair coloring technique that involves adding very fine, delicate highlights to the hair,” she says. “These highlights are meant to mimic natural, sun-kissed strands. They are typically much finer and subtler than traditional highlights, and they are strategically placed to create a soft and natural look.” To create babylights, colorists take broader sections of hair to get a finer, more natural effect. “The key difference between babylights and balayage lies in their application technique and the resulting effect,” says Hong. “Babylights involve very fine, strategically placed highlights for a subtle and natural look, while balayage is a freehand painting technique that creates a more intense and artistic effect with a more grown-out appearance at the roots.” Most important, babylights suit all hair colors, especially dark hair colors like red hair, brown hair, and black hair. “Almost every natural hair color could benefit from babylights by adding dimension and vibrancy,” says Hong. “It looks fresh yet not too dramatic. It’s best suited on finer textures or straight hair, as it give body and depth. Babylights are still customizable. For instance, babylights can be painted brighter around the face frame or just enhance the natural color.”

Best of all, they can be easily grown out and don’t require constant upkeep. You can also decide how and where to get babylights, depending on your color and haircut. “Babylights create a soft and seamless blend with your natural hair, making them ideal for anyone seeking a gradual transition as the color grows out,” adds Spits. “They can be customized to complement your skin tone and work with different hair lengths and styles.” Although there isn’t a ton of maintenance required, Hong recommends using a color-safe shampoo to protect your babylights. “It’s still an elevated look, so it should be maintained with a color-safe shampoo or mask, such as Shu Uemura Color Lustre Shampoo and mask,” she says. “Always prebook your appointment for a color gloss for maintenance monthly to keep the hair shiny, glossy and vibrant.”

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