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Barbie Blonde Is Set to Be the Hottest Hair Color This Summer

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

I'm a Barbie blonde in a Barbie world.

Looking for a fresh hair color that’s also right on trend? This summer Barbiemania is sweeping social media, so it’s only natural that Barbie blonde is predicted to be one of the hottest hair trends for the months ahead.

With Margot Robbie starring in the Barbie movie, the doll’s famous bleached-but-buttery blonde hair is already going stratospheric. Barbie comes in all shapes, sizes, and hair colors, of course, but bright “Barbie blonde” is a cute choice heading into the summer months. Plus, after a winter and a spring in which brunette was trending, there has been a significant move toward blonde colors again.

In addition to offering up a color refresh, going blonde can be a vibe shift too. “Blondes can help you feel lighter and lifted, and a bright color can have a really uplifting, mood-boosting effect,” says pro hair stylist Luke Hersheson.

But what is Barbie blonde, exactly? The color generally involves bleach, especially if you’re a mousy blonde or brunette, to lift the color to a lighter shade. But unlike the icy platinums that headlined 2022 (see milky blonde and Targaryen blonde), it has a warm, slightly creamy, buttery undertone that’s bright, bold, and beautiful.

With the sun scheduled to make an appearance to spotlight the whole thing, Barbie blonde is a fun, feel-good shade to swap in for the season. However, you should know: It’s not exactly low-maintenance. Since it’s an all over shade as opposed to a fade-in color like balayage, the color requires regular upkeep to blend away root regrowth and keep the color feeling bright, fresh, and toned. And depending on your natural hair color, it may require several hours in the salon chair. If you have a deep brunette base, for example, you might need a few visits to lift it to Barbie-level blonde.

Still on board? We have all the Barbie blonde inspo to get you inspired ahead.

Barbie blonde bob

Braided Barbie blonde

Preppy Barbie blonde

Golden Barbie blonde

Hollywood Barbie blonde

Root-smudge Barbie blonde

Bouncy Barbie blonde

Snatched Barbie blonde

Retro Barbie blonde

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Article written by Elle Turner for Glamour

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