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Bridal Style: Top 5 Wedding Hairstyles for 2022

Weddings are such special events, you will spend so much time thinking about the venue, the dress, the decor, but what about your hair style! The hair style you choose needs to reflect your own personal style, but it also needs to match the style of your wedding, while complementing your dress. With so many styles to choose from you need to make sure that each section of your wedding mirrors the other. To help you out with your wedding hairstyle, we’ll mention a few all-time favorite wedding hairstyles to make your day.

1. Messy Bun

It’s almost every bride’s choice because it can never go wrong. It gives volume to your hair and is simple to manage. Brides who have thin hair can find this a safe option to go with. In addition, a lot of brides go for full head hair extensions to add additional volume and make it more stylish. You can use hair accessories or flowers to make the messy bun look more fancy to compliment your bridal dress.

2. Low-Knot Updo