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Crown Hair Extensions (Topette) Solution For Female Hair Loss

Topette crown extensions are the most popular cosmetic hair loss solution for women experiencing hair thinning, conditions like Androgenetic Alopecia or who simply desire more volume. Their simple, seamless application makes it easy to create a natural, beautiful look - sophisticated and chic haute couture, or free and easy.

Crown Hair Extensions (or Topette) are unlike traditional hair extensions because they are able to give you hair where you need it most – on top.

Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair and Androgenetic Alopecia.

Crown Extensions (Topette) are designed to help women with Androgenetic Alopecia and hair thinning on the top, front and crown of their head. The Crown Extensions recreate the natural appearance of hair growing from your scalp, giving you more confidence. This is achieved through the use of a special silk matrix that replicates your scalp. Individual natural hairs are implanted one strand at a time into this matrix, recreating the appearance and density of natural hair. The cosmetic result is hair growing from your scalp, natural and undetectable.

Contoured to the shape and size of the scalp where hair thinning is occurring, we always aim to strike the right balance- to use as much of your own growing hair as possible, whilst only adding additional hair where required. We ensure there is not too little, or too much hair, replicating the way your hair used to look.

"It’s so light that I forget that I even have it on" - Rebecca, Age 30.

Light, breathable and comfortable, in fact, our clients tell us that it almost becomes a part of you. Easy to wear, our Topette Crown hair extensions can be tailored to each woman, with a great range of colours, lengths and styles available.

We can easily style the new hair to create a look that makes you feel like the best version of you.

Gorgeous Hair to create a glamorous, undetectable look

To create a gorgeous look, we always use gorgeous hair. Our hair has a natural shine and softness, making it much easier to style than other hair types. It is lighter in texture and has a natural ‘flow’ making it behave naturally when you ‘swish’ your hair or it blows in the wind. It falls back into place and is easily restyled with a simple brush of your hand.

How is the Crown Extension Topette Attached?

Crown Extensions give you the freedom to keep living the life you enjoy. They effectively attach the new hair to your own in two ways:

Self Installation

The first option is to install them yourself with a patented security clip. In less than a minute you will have your beautiful new hair securely in place. This method allows the easy installation and removal of the crown hair extension even if you have significant hair thinning.

Bonding process

This process is designed for women with hair thinning and Androgenetic Alopecia. The process is similar to the bonding of regular hair extensions to your own hair, only better! It is far more comfortable, seamless, undetectable and secure. There are no lumps or bumps like regular hair extensions and allows you to enjoy your hair 24/7. Maximise your time enjoying and doing the things you love like sport and swimming. There are a few different fusion procedures, which can be discussed in detail at your free hair consultation.

The hair integration system is the perfect answer for anyone who doesn't want to feel confined by a full wig or is unsuitable for hair extensions. This hair integration system allows you to use all of your existing hair to its fullest potential. You can participate in any activity and no one will know. They are versatile, easy to put on and are secure.

Best of all, they are completely undetectable and give you full confidence for your busy and active lifestyle. Recommended for women with thinning or fine hair unsuitable for other techniques.

For information about crown hair extensions ( topette), you can chat Hair Shop Store:

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