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Eight 60s Hairstyles You Can Totally Wear in 2021

The 60s seem like a long time ago, but this magical time has many ties to today’s trends. Everything from bold 60s makeup to over-the-top hair is making a comeback in 2021. Volume is the primary focus for these retro looks. We selected eight gorgeous 60s hairstyles that stood the test of time to convince you to wake up the retro bombshell in you. Keep scrolling for some nostalgic hair inspiration!


The 60s praised voluminous hair, so it’s no surprise that beehives made it into the mainstream during that time. While the classic beehive might be a bit too much for today, here’s a gorgeous way to modernize it. Tie your hair in a slick ponytail and add as much texture as possible to your hanging strands. You can create voluminous locks for a sexy appearance.


Romantic half-updos are among the prettiest 60s hairstyles. Tie the top part of your hair and style it in soft waves to recreate this mesmerizing look. You can leave small sections in the front to create a sexy face-framing effect. Decorate with a ribbon to amp up on elegance.


Many 60s hairstyles involve side-swept bangs. The major swoop is the perfect detail to frame your face and soften up your look.


Flipped hairstyles were a staple of the 60s. Add a retro vibe to your look by straightening your hair and flipping your ends outwards.


Ariana Grande took us back in time with her album cover featuring a 60s beehive. Padded headbands still feel modern even though these accessories originated about 60 years ago. Copy her hairstyle and decorate with a cute velvet headband for a dreamy look.


Refresh your look with a flipped bob. Originally inspired by Aretha Franklin, this is one of the most iconic 60s hairstyles. You can spice up this semi-short style with a dramatic fringe to give it a modern twist.


Hair accessories are super popular no matter the decade. Add a retro vibe to any hairstyle with an extravagant pearl-embellished headband for a remarkable look.


Opt for a vintage look with voluminous half-up styles. Here’s one of the modern 60s hairstyles you can rock on a daily basis. Create a deep parted look and tease your strands for a seductive appearance.

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article written by Ivana Shteriova for vivaglammagazine


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