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Everyone’s Obsessed With Italian Bobs—Here’s What You Need to Know Before Getting Yours

This modern take on the classic bob is the most stylish yet.

The bob is a timeless haircut for many reasons. It transcends seasons, looks chic at any age, and works well with several hair textures. But most of all, bobs are versatile. From shoulder-grazing long versions to cropped Parisian styles with bangs, there are many ways to sport the look. The latest to captivate the internet’s attention is the Italian bob—a swingy, sophisticated style that’s effortless and low-maintenance.

While it’s true that hairstyle trends come and go, it’s safe to say that the Italian bob will be sticking around a bit. Not only has the look been worn by Hollywood stars like Zendya, but it’s garnered over 106.1 million views on TikTok, with numbers still growing. Ahead, three hairstylists break down the trend and give expert advice for getting the perfect Italian bob. Whether you’re ready for a fresh chop or are collecting inspiration for the future, these tips will ensure your cut is alla moda.

Featured experts

Takisha Sturdivant-Drew is a celebrity hairstylist

Danielle Priano is a celebrity hairstylist

Sierra Kener is a celebrity hairstylist


What is the Italian bob?

Like many of its predecessors, the Italian bob leans into the classic elements of the style—think clean cuts and defined lengths. However, this version feels fresh and updated.

“It’s more of a modern take on the traditional bob and is most characterized by its blunt cut and voluminous appearance,”

explains celebrity hairstylist Danielle Priano. She continues, noting that the style often features subtle layers and a bit of texture to add movement and give it natural volume.

As for length, the Italian bob has a few options.

“This style can fall anywhere below the chin and the shoulders,”

says celebrity hairstylist Sierra Kener. But whether you’re opting for a short cut or a slightly longer length, it’s important to remember that the ends will always have a straighter cut. “The Italian bob is known for its blunt base and contrasting minimal layering,” says celebrity hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew.

How is the Italian bob different from the regular bob?

The bob is probably the most versatile haircut of all time. That said, there are distinctions between each version that make them unique. While the Italian bob does borrow many nuances from the traditional style, Sturdivant-Drew explains that the cut is less defined than a normal bob and has a slightly frayed appearance thanks to the light layers. The two also differ in length and texture. While classic bobs are typically cut just below the ears, the Italian bob is slightly longer, making it versatile for different hair types. The extra length highlights the jawline and frames the face for an elegant look.  

Another notable difference from the classic cut is the voluminous appearance.

“The Italian bob emphasizes fullness and volume, whereas a traditional bob tends to be more uniform and sleek,” says Priano.

Of course, the style can be achieved with hot tools and products. However, according to Priano, the delicate layers and texture of the cut give the Italian bob its va-va-voom look.

What should I ask for when getting an Italian bob?

Getting a haircut can be daunting, especially when it’s the latest trending look. To ensure you leave the salon happy, it’s important to talk with your stylist and be realistic about what your hair can and cannot do.

“When getting an Italian bob at the salon, ask your stylist for a mid-length bob with blunt ends and subtle volume,”

says Priano. Since the Italian bob is designed to have movement, she recommends emphasizing that you want fullness rather than a completely flat look.

Sturdivant-Drew echos this sentiment, noting you should ask for a precision cut with sharp, blunt ends. While you’re at the salon, have your stylist straighten your hair and add some curl to the ends to achieve a finished look that’s sleek and polished. Reference pictures of your desired style are also key to ensuring your stylist understands the exact style you’re aiming for.

How to style the Italian bob

Remember, the Italian bob is all about ease and low maintenance.

“Less is more when it comes to styling the Italian bob,” says Kener. That said, achieving the look is more about the products, even those starting in the shower. “Smoothing wash-day products, such as Smooth Moisture Moisturizing Shampoo ($14) and conditioner, prep the hair for an ultra-long-lasting look,” says Sturdivant-Drew.

After the hair has been thoroughly cleaned, you can begin working in the products for the Italian bob’s signature voluminous look. “At the roots of the hair, spray a volumizing mousse just before blow-drying to create a natural lift,” says Priano. This step will give the hair a fluffy and glamorous look, perfect for special occasions. But for everyday styling, she recommends using a texture cream to add definition and give the bob a slightly tousled feel. No hairstyle is complete without shine. “To finish, give your hair a quick spray of SexyHair’s Big Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray ($23). It holds the style in place while maintaining volume and shine,” says Priano.

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