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How Long Does Beard Dye Last? Tips To Make Dye Last Longer

Wondering how long does beard dye last? Many people dye their beards to cover gray patches that can be a result of aging or just for the love of changing their appearance. However, there are different types of beard dyes and they are designed to suit the needs of different people. Other types of beard dyes are temporary while others are permanent. Read on to learn how long beard dye can last after applying it on your facial hair.

How Long Does Beard Dye Last & How Often Should I Dye My Beard

All beard dyes are semi-permanent and the color tends to wear off quickly every time you wash your facial hair. Semi-permanent colors can last for about two to three weeks before you apply another treatment.

No dye is designed to last forever since this is quite impossible. As the hair grows, it will begin to reveal its natural color at the bottom. This means that you will need another treatment. You can use a barbed color shampoo to extend the life of the dye but you should not expect it to exceed one month.

If you are interested in enjoying a fresh-looking beard daily, then it is important to apply the dye every two weeks.

Tips to Make the Beard Dye Last Longer

Before you apply the dye, you should not wash or condition your facial hair to allow it to absorb the dye properly so that it can last longer. When there are few gray patches on your beard, you would rather apply dye to those areas instead of dyeing the entire board.

The other thing is that when cleaning your beard, you should avoid using bar soap since it can wash away the coloring.

As you wash your beard, the dye will fade which means that it needs touchups every few weeks. However, for occasional touchups, before you dye the entire board, you can apply mascara, a product used by ladies to color their eyelashes. It can provide you temporary color that can take you through the day without damaging your beard or skin.

Over-applying the dye is not recommended since it can damage the skin or the hair. All the same, always make sure you are using the right dye.


Beard dye helps eliminate gray hairs to prevent early signs of aging which may not bode well with other people. To achieve the best results, it is important to choose the right dye with the properties that can satisfy your needs. When choosing a color, you should try to get one that resembles your beard otherwise it may appear awkward. After applying the dye, you should not wash your hair with soap since it can remove the dye. You need to constantly add some touchups to ensure that the dye will last longer.

To know how long does beard dye last, it is important to choose a permanent dye. This type of dye can last about three weeks but you should also understand how it works. You can leave your comments below.

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