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How to Blow Dry Your Hair: Best Tips for Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily Hair

Yup, even if you're a beginner.

Blow-drying your hair can kinda suck. Even the lightest hair dryers feel like a million pounds when you're holding it above your head for half an hour, and round brushes?

Thanks to some ~v smart~ tricks and products that will help you streamline the process, along with a few helpful video tutorials to show you how to juggle all the tools, I promise you'll learn how to blow-dry your hair like a pro in no time. Keep reading and follow the step-by-step guidelines for straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, below:

How to blow-dry straight hair

Since straight hair typically air-dries pretty straight-ish already, you might want to use a blow dryer to add some lift and body throughout your hair or along your roots. Here's how:

Step 1: Spray a heat protectant throughout your hair (if you have fine hair, skip the roots), then wait until your hair is 50 to 80 percent dry before bringing out the hair dryer. Then make sure to work in sections when you do dry, starting from the bottom and unclipping sections from the top as you work.

Step 2: Hold your round hair brush vertically and roll it away from your face. As you roll the brush to the ends of your hair, re-roll the brush back up and repeat until the section is dry. Hair won't hold curl? Once a section is dry, re-coil it around the brush and let it set until it cools (kinda like a makeshift a hot roller).

Step 3: Once the section is totally dry, twist your hair with the brush as you pull it out, rather than unwrapping the hair from the brush. This will give the hair a nice little curl for that bouncy blowout look.

Step 4: To create volume and lift at the crown of your head, hold the brush horizontally and lift it straight up as you blow-dry the section backwards. Run your fingers through your hair to finish.

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How to blow-dry wavy hair

If you love your waves and you want to define and smooth them with a blow dryer, try this super-simple technique:

Step 1: Squeeze and scrunch your wet hair with a microfiber towel (it cuts down on frizz), then rake a heat protectant through your waves. Let your hair air dry until 80 percent dry before grabbing your blow dryer.

Step 2: Here's where a hair-dryer brush becomes your new BFF. Working with three-inch sections of hair at a time and starting at the roots, brush, wrap, and glide the brush through your slightly damp hair.

Step 3: After the section is dry and you've released it from the brush, twist the warm section around your finger to encourage a curl and allow it to cool in that shape before raking through it.

Step 4: Once you've styled each section, smooth and twist a dime-size dollop of hair oil through the length of your hair to tousle the waves and smooth any flyaways and frizz.

How to blow-dry curly hair

Air-drying curls takes a whole lotta time that sometimes you just don't have. If you want to help speed up the process without ruining your curl pattern, try using a blow dryer to diffuse your curls for alllll the volume and definition. Finding the best diffusing routine and products for your curly hair takes some trial and error, but if you need a little guidance, watch this video:

Step 1: Using your fingers, rake a styling cream or milk through your sopping-wet curls.

Step 2: Flip your hair upside down and scrunch it with a T-shirt or a microfiber hair towel to remove excess water, then smooth on a gel cream and gently scrunch to distribute.

Step 3: While your hair is still upside down, begin blow-drying it with a diffuser, gently cupping sections of your curls in the diffusing bowl, holding for 10-15 seconds, then repeating on another section.

Step 4: As your hair dries, gently flip it from side to side without touching them or separating them. Apply a styling gel with a stronger hold to lift and define your curls if you need it while your hair is still damp.

Step 5: Once your hair is 95 percent dry, remove the diffuser attachment and use the regular blow dryer on a low speed setting to dry just your roots and add a little bit of volume.

How to blow-dry coily natural hair

When blow-drying coily hair, you can use a diffuser (like the one above) or a hood attachment to dry your hair. Or, to stretch your coils, you can try a blow dryer with a comb attachment combined with the tension method, as shown below:

Step 1: Rake and comb a leave-in conditioner and heat-protectant spray through your hair, then two-strand twist your entire head, working in four-inch sections.

Step 2: Once you’ve finished with twisting, unravel one section and clip the rest of the twists up. Using the tension method and a blow dryer, hold the ends of your strands taut with one hand and slowly blow-dry the section from roots to tips.

Step 3: To speed up the process, you can also add a comb attachment to the end of your blow dryer and comb through the strands as you dry them, starting from the ends and working your way up to reduce tangles and knots.

Step 4: Once you’ve finished a section, two-strand twist again and continue the process with the next section until all of your hair is stretched and dried.

Step 5: Untwist each section, and use the palms of your hands to smooth a hair oil throughout your hair.

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article written by Brooke Shunatona for Cosmopolitan

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