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How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions

Day and night, women are preoccupied with keeping their hair clean, groomed or braided. However, there are days when it simply doesn’t look the way women want it to. At those moments, they wish to have Rapunzel’s fate. You must admit, those long locks are truly tempting.

If you’re one of them, then what you need is hair extensions. No. Rapunzel didn’t have them, but the celebrities you look up to sure do while showing off their irresistible hair on the red carpet. Good news is that you can have this look, too. All you need to do is carefully pick your hair extensions, apply them and use high-quality hair straighteners and brushes to maintain them.

Ready to add a few more inches to your hair and glow with elegance wherever you go? Here’s how to choose the best hair extensions.

Go for Remy human hair

First of all, you should check which type of hair extensions you’re buying. The market is full of synthetic, non-Remy, Remy and human hair. The question is which one to get. And the answer couldn’t be simpler. Remy human hair is always the right choice.

The first advantage is that it lasts longer than the synthetic one. If made from human hair, your extensions will live through a lot of events and rainy days. They actually look like your real hair and are treated the same way. You can dry them, use hair straighteners on them as well as go swimming. Opposing to that, synthetic hair extensions cannot handle something like this

What’s more, Remy human hair is the healthiest out there. It’s picked one strand at a time and keeps the ends and roots in the right direction. No wonder, it’s considered the highest hair quality. Although this means that it’s pricier than the rest, it’s definitely worth it.

Choose the right color

When you go shopping for real hair extensions, another very important thing you need to pay attention to is the color. You don’t want to add blonde curls to a brown hair.

Always, compare the extensions’ color to your natural one until you find a match. It’s better to do that during the day, though. Daylight will reveal all the shades, letting you make the perfect choice.

If, by any chance, your hair isn’t one-dimensional, look for dual-blended or tri-blended colors for your extensions.

Find the best hair texture

The real goal when choosing hair extensions is to make sure they perfectly blend with your natural hair. That includes matching the texture, as well.

Each type of real hair extensions is suitable for several hair textures. For example, Chinese hair fits hair with medium density, while Russian hair usually has better denier. In any case, if you apply extensions that don’t follow the texture of your real hair, you risk looking messy despite all the effort.

That’s why touch your hair and examine it closely before buying. If it’s curly, then don’t take a straight extension unless you want to experiment. In that case, you can wear the curly real hair extensions and then use hair straighteners to turn them straight. Cool idea, right?

Decide on the length and occasion

Not every length suits every person. So, while choosing your hair extensions sort your priorities, first. Your comfortability plays the main role here.

If you prefer having short hair, don’t buy very long extensions and vice versa. It’s best to have a clear picture of what you want your hair to look like and abide by it when picking.

Aside from this, make sure you imagine where and when you want to wear the extensions. They’ll be on for quite some time, so have all the occasions in mind.

A final word

In a nutshell, hair extensions are precious additions to your hair. They improve its density and appearance, giving you the look of your dreams. However, before applying them, make sure you choose the right ones. Look for certified stores for selling hair and its products that own respectable and reputable brands. Don’t trust anyone with your hair. And that includes your hair stylist. Go to one that has an expertise in hair extensions and apply your, preferably Remy human hair, extensions. Also, pay attention to the color and texture. They should perfectly match your real hair. Then, decide on the length you want and the occasions you’ll be wearing the extensions on.

Now, let's move onto the HAIR Quality for your hair extensions. The Shampoo Lounge only use hair of the highest standard for our customers, never compromising on quality. The hair is 100% human hair which has been chemically treated by professionals to ensure it’s in great condition. The hair is silky, healthy, shiny and very durable. We only use the highest quality Remy hair, as they suit almost everyone.


Finally, have fun!

article written by Sean Vazquez for huffpost


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