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I Always Made This Mistake While Blow-Drying My Hair Until I Got a Tip From My Stylist

I actually had no idea this was bad for it

For me, washing my hair is always a chore that I could easily do without. But every three days I do, and I always thought I was taking the time to do something good for my hair.

However, a conversation with my trusted hairstylist showed me that I had damaged my hair due to a mistake in my routine, and I had no idea. Now, almost a year later, my hair is healthier than it has been for a long time.

I would say that most of us blow-dry our hair in the bathroom after washing it—I never considered changing rooms before blow-drying my hair. However, that's exactly what I've been doing for a year now.

That’s because when I complained to my hairstylist that my hair always took so long to dry, she gave me a life-changing tip. It has not only saved me time since then but has also changed my hair health for the better.

The tip: Change the room where you blow-dry your hair.

The benefits:

As I don’t have a window in my bathroom, when I get out of the shower, the humidity in the room is usually very high. This can extend the blow-drying time of my hair.

In addition to the time aspect, the long blow-dry also has an effect on my hair. The longer my. hair is exposed to heat, the more damaging it can be. In other words, changing the room not only saves time, but this can lead to healthier hair in the long run. And that was exactly the case for me.

After almost a year, I can now say that my hair feels less frizzy when I blow-dry it in a different room, and it doesn’t feel as dry either.

Are there any disadvantages?

Changing rooms in itself is definitely not a disadvantage for me. However, there is usually a lot of hair lying around in the other room after I’m done blow-drying.

For example, I have designated the guest room as the place to do this. As I don’t want hair to accumulate there, I keep a handheld vacuum cleaner in the corner and use it to suck up the loose hair immediately after blow-drying.

I’m happy to accept that for healthier hair. That’s why I will avoid these blow-drying mistakes in future and no longer dry my hair in the bathroom.

article written by Melanie Paukner for

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