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If There's Ever a Nail-Art Hall of Fame, These 20 Blue Nail Designs Belong in It

Certain shades of nail polish are seasonal. They don't have to be (after all, there are no rules when it comes to beauty; it's all personal), but some shades are traditionally associated with specific times of the year. Take wine-colored nail polish, for instance. Whether you call it grape, burgundy, or merlot, it's usually associated with winter. Bright pink, on the other hand, is usually associated with summer. Pastel shades? Spring. Burnt orange, muted gray, and espresso brown? Autumn. See what we mean?

Other colors are more universal. Classic red nail polish is a good example, as it fits pretty much every season and situation. Blue nail polish is another one. No matter if it's navy, marine, robin's egg, cornflower, turquoise, or some other shade, it can fit any style and aesthetic. Need proof? We got you. Keep scrolling to see 20 blue nail designs we're obsessing over right now.

For a graphic DIY design, intersect a pale-blue shade with a bold royal blue.

A reverse French manicure is all the more eye-catching when it comes in marine blue.

This intricate design was inspired by Santorini, Greece.

This squared-off French manicure is perfectly '90s.

Aquamarine nail polish has never looked better.

Navy blue and clementine are an unexpected yet effective combination.

Blue snake-print tips are equal parts edgy and unexpected.

These detailed butterflies would require focus and a steady hand, but the result is well worth it.

You can never go wrong with a simple wave design.

Can you tell we're obsessed with blue French manicures?

This minimalist design is the definition of simple yet effective.

This is proof that anything can serve as nail inspiration, even your favorite pair of jeans.

Electric-blue squiggles look even brighter on a matte, nude base.

Layer two shades of blue for a chic half-moon manicure.

We like how this playful design mixes and matches shades and shapes.

There's only one word for these speckled nails: stunning.

Three bottles of blue polish are all you need to replicate this wavy manicure.

We're saving this for inspiration next time we want to do a DIY design.

We love this combination of peach and cornflower blue.

This negative-space design looks amazing on long nails.

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Article written by Kaitlyn Mclintock for Who What Wear


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