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Mistakes to Avoid with Your Hair Extensions

Whether you are interested in hair extensions or you're already rocking your new mane it's best that you know what mistakes to avoid. Over the passed several years of installing tape-in and sew-in weft hair extensions we've learned common mistakes to avoid.

The #1 mistake to avoid with your hair extensions is: DO NOT put your sunglasses on top of your head.

I know that we live in Florida and sunglasses are a must however, the act of moving the sunglasses from your eyes to your head can tear the extensions from your head. When applying sew-in or tape-in extensions the most vulnerable hair is about 2" above your ears. This is the area that gets yanked by the arm of the sunglasses. Too many times, I've seen hair yank from the roots in the temple area from trying to push sunglasses up the head.

The #2 mistake to avoid with your hair extensions is matting.

Matting occurs when loose hairs repeatedly twist around attached stands and tangle. Any time you remove matted hair by brush or comb there will be lost hair. The most common way matting occurs while wearing hair extensions is when you wait too long between hair appointments. Hair typically grows a half inch to an inch per month. As your hair grows the extensions hang and the new growth hair can matte up.

Everyone is different and I have some guests who come every 4 weeks and some that can go 8 weeks between extension move-up appointments. Pre-book your next hair appointment and adjust them according to how fast your hair grows. A hot tip is to use a Wet brush when brushing out your hair and the extensions.

The #3 mistake to avoid with your hair extensions is using the wrong hair products.

Unfortunately, a lot of hair products like shampoo contain silicone, paraffin wax & parabens. When these products are heated up with the blow-dryer the plastic binds to your hair shaft. Think about what happens when you heat up plastic at 290 degrees. Yikes.

Your hair can have layers of plastic, waxy build up. You don't even need to add heat from a blow dryer or flat iron for silicone or wax to bind to your hair. Simply walking to your car during the day, the sun will heat up the residual product and bake it into your hair. Chalky dry shampoo will leave residual product on your hair and the hair extensions. If you want your hair extensions to last, you must avoid using the wrong hair products. Check your product labels, you're looking for sulfate free, zero residue & paraben free hair products.

Hair extensions do not have to be damaging to your hair. From a hair stylist who's been working with extensions since 2017, the top 3 mistakes to avoid with your hair extensions is:

1. Avoid put sunglasses on top of your head.

2. Avoid your hair from matting.

3. Avoid using the wrong hair products.

Here are a few eco-friendly hair products that my hair extension guests love:

Awaken Shampoo and Masque: Stimulate and revitalize thinning hair, alopecia, postpartum, stress, seasonal rapid loss, dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp, oily scalp. Awaken Therapeutic products are a clear and simple solution to revive your scalp and hair.

Bassu Oil : The "Tree of LIfe" Bassu Seed Oil is known for it's healing powers throughout the world. Bassu Moisture is complete with healing blend of Aloe Vera, Omega 3, and antioxidant-rich Flax Seed Oil.

Trinity Dry Shampoo : Readers Choice Beauty Launchpad Award Winning Dry Shampoo. Naturally absorbs dirt and oil, kicks up volume and shine, leaving zero residue behind! This ultra-fine mist of Lemon, Minerals and Amaranth creates a healthy scalp and refreshes hair between shampoos.

Violet Blow Dry Cream : Repair, protect and restore moisture back into your hair. This Maqui Berry infusion brightens blonde and grey hair for a polished finish.

article written by Jammie Thompson


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