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Mushroom Haircuts Are Making a Comeback—Here Are 10 Ways to Wear the Style

A mushroom cut isn't typically isn’t the first look that comes to mind when you’re on the hunt for a cool hairstyle. But in 2024, the mushroom haircut is getting a rebrand. Over the past year, we’ve seen bobs of all types—from jaw-length lobs to ultra-voluminous Italian chops—taking over, and now, these looks are getting shorter and blunter to bring back the mushroom cut in full force.

In its classic form, the style is characterized by its bowled shape (which quite literally mimics a mushroom) and typically features longer lengths on top, shorter sides, and bangs. But don’t worry: There are so many other ways to put a spin on the style now, too. From piecey bangs to longer lengths, keep scrolling for 10 celeb-approved ways to wear the mushroom haircut.

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Sleek and Sophisticated Mushroom

This jaw-grazing, bowl-cut bob is a slightly longer take on the traditional mushroom—and Zendaya has worn this style a couple of times on the red carpet. The seamless circular angling between the bangs and the rest of the hair creates a smooth frame around the face, making the actor’s features (and her gorgeous bronze makeup) pop.

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Choppy Bob

Rosario Dawson looks stunning in every length, but this classic mushroom cut looks incredibly gorgeous on the actress. The super short sides and choppy bangs make the haircut look extra cool.

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Angular Mushroom

For a mushroom cut with dimension, draw inspiration from Kerry Washington's look. The long sides and blunt bangs give this haircut a modern, fresh feel.

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Asymmetrical Mushroom

Hailey Bieber's mod-inspired style offers a more unique take on the traditional mushroom cut. The asymmetrical cut leaves one side super short (as if to extend the curtain bangs slightly beyond her face) and the other just long enough to graze her chin.

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Tousled Mushroom

Ruby Rose’s mushroom cut is far from basic, thanks to all of the little details. The highlights, tapered sides, and tiny braids make this bowl-inspired hairdo stand out even more.

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Textured Mushroom

The secret to Halsey's mushroom cut is focusing on volume and texture. To make the look feel extra edgy, she completed the look with undone bangs and a shaved undercut.

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Classic Mushroom

Mary J. Blige’s blunt bowl cut gets its cool factor thanks to its glossy golden highlights. The blended shades offset some of the heaviness that typically comes with this type of single-length style, and we love that it’s just long enough to let a pop of eyebrow peek through.

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Two-Tone Mushroom

Charlize Theron’s piece-y mushroom cut gets its undone feel from a combination of artfully placed streaks and choppy bangs.

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Chic Mushroom

The side-swooping in Estelle’s style serves double duty in helping to fake lightness and volume in a classic mushroom haircut. All you need to recreate it for yourself is a round brush and a blow dryer.

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Contrasting Mushroom

Rihanna has given us so much hair inspiration over the years, and there was a time when the multihyphenate rocked mushroom haircuts. Here, she gave the short style a Rihanna-approved twist by accenting it with two contrasting shades. The combination of golden strands with a peak of a black streak and undercut adds an unexpected dimension. We also love the slightly jagged cut, which gives the style total rockstar vibes.

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