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Quarantine Hotels In Bali

Enjoy Bali's Amazing Hotels & Resorts


SR 03.04/2/0965/2021

SR 03.04/2/0957/2021

SR 03.04/2/1170/2021


SR 03.04/2/1057/2021

SR 03.04/2/1169/2021

SR 03.04/2/0940/2021

SR 03.04/2/0941/2021


SR 03.04/2/1091/2021

SR 03.04/2/1085/2021

SR 03.04/1/1180/2021

SR 03.04/2/1088/2021

SR 03.04/2/1166/2021

SR 03.03/2/1086/2021

SR 03.03/2/1089/2021

Nusa Dua

SR 03.04/2/1623/2021

SR 03.04/2/1094/2021

SR 03.04/2/1092/2021

SR 03.04/2/1486/2021

SR 03.04/2/1090/2021

SR 03.04/2/1625/2021

SR 03.04/2/1530/2021

SR 03.04/2/1096/2021

SR 03.04/2/1624/2021

SR 03.04/2/1102/2021

SR 03.04/2/1521/2021

SR 03.04/2/1095/2021

Ubud - Gianyar

SR 03.04/2/1084/2021

SR 03.04/2/1098/2021

SR 03.04/2/1706/2021

SR 03.04/2/1087/2021

SR 03.04/2/1100/2021

SR 03.04/2/1101/2021

SR 03.04/2/1097/2021

SR 03.04/2/1707/2021

On the 4th day of quarantine, another RT-PCR test will be conducted. If your test shows a negative result, your quarantine will be declared as completed quarantine.

If your RT-PCR test shows a positive result then you will have to undergo either treatment in centralized isolation facility handled by the COVID-19 taskforce.

Please stay informed with the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols, which include wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands with soap regularly while in Bali.

Article Taken from Welcome Back to Bali

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