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Should You Wash Your Bald Head? Best Skincare and Maintenance Tips

Caring for a bald head isn’t as paint-by-numbers as it seems. Sure, a lot of guys will probably be washing their bald dome with bar soap, as if it’s just any other body part—but it’s not. It’s your scalp. Whether it sprouts hair or not, you’re dealing with some finicky skin here, much like your face. It’s prone to stubble, but also to oiliness and dryness—and all the headaches that come with those variables, like acne, shine, and dandruff.

On top of that, your bald head is a bullseye for UV rays on a hot sunny day, and it creates some beautiful blind spots when it comes to shaving and keeping smooth. Given all of these factors, it’s smart to follow a bald head road map until you’ve got the hang of things—including the no-look spherical shave. Here are the main facets of how to care for a bald head.

How to Wash a Bald Head

Should you swap shampoo for bar soap or use a facial cleanser all around? Actually, you’ll want at least two of them, if not all three.

One thing we often forget about haircare—and especially shampoo—is that we’re focusing on scalp health as much as we are on hair. Last we checked, you haven’t lost your scalp. That said, you won’t need to shampoo very often, and when you do, it’ll be with good intention—to mitigate the oily film your scalp still produces. You’ll also want to control flaking, which is often caused by oily buildup as well as extreme dryness.

The solution: Use a dandruff shampoo once weekly, at minimum. The hero ingredients in this shampoo tend to be the usual