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Showering with Tape-In Extensions

Tips to Give Your Tape-In Clients Before They Hit the Shower

Considering the hard work you put into your client’s style, slipping in the shower brings on a new meaning when it comes to tape-in extensions. In the following blog post, we want to pass some wisdom your way so you can pass these tips on to your clients.

After the Install: The Magic Number Is 48 Hours

After installing tape-ins, remind your clients to wait 48 hours until their next shower. This advice helps tape-in extensions stay in longer and hold better because it allows the tape to gain the desired bond strength.

If a shower is absolutely necessary, your clients should keep it as short as possible with the water and products far away from the hair. If they have to shower after your appointment for some reason, it may be best to suggest rescheduling the install. After all, extensions are an investment, and we know you do what you can to make sure they get their money’s worth.

Frequency: The Magic Number Here Is Two Times (Tops!)

Your clients should only be washing their hair around two times a week. We understand that everyone’s hair is different due to the amount of oil different hair may have. But your client’s hair needs their natural nourishing oils to keep their natural hair healthy.

For anyone with thick, curly, or wavy hair, they can even get away with washing their hair once a week.

Shampoo: Time to Hate on the Sulfates

If your clients feel that their scalp is getting oily, they can use a dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil that their scalp may have. We also recommend that they use sulfate-free products because they can help their tape-in extensions last longer.

Sulfates can break down tape bonds. So, sulfate-free shampoos do not strip any natural oils and help keep their hair happy and healthy!

Scrubbing: Easy Does It

When showering, we recommend that your clients avoid scrubbing the wefts directly. Encourage them to focus on the scalp and then the hair below the wefts. Scrubbing on the wefts could potentially loosen the bond and shorten hold times.

Conditioner & In-Shower Condition Treatments: Getting to the Root of the Problem

After shampooing, emphasize the need for your clients to gently apply their conditioner from mid strand to the ends of their hair along its length. The idea here is to keep the conditioner safely away from the taped wefts. Most conditioners contain silicone, which can weaken the tape’s hold to your client’s head.

Of course, if your client feels their hair needs moisture and they want to use moisture treatments, the same advice applies. Have them place the treatment at the ends of the hair and tape-in extensions. If they place it too close to their scalp, it could weigh their hair down and damage the wefts.

Drying: Air & a Gentle Pat Are Your Client’s Best Friends Here

Remind your clients that air drying and gentle towel patting are the best ways to leave their shower looking as good as before. We also recommend that they do not wrap their hair in a towel or flip their hair upside down.

When drying, we suggest a few gentle pats starting at the ends and slowly working up. They should make sure to avoid squeezing or pulling the hair. Slowly pat-drying works to reduce tangles that could become a mess for your clients to deal with at home.

BONUS: Showering Tips for Your Tape-In Clients Who Love to Swim

At some point, at least one of your clients is going to experience public showers at pools or along the beach. Swimming often involves either chlorinated water or saltwater. It’s vital that your clients understand that chlorine and salt can weaken the tape extension’s grip to their hair.

For this reason, we recommend always protecting their extensions by wearing a swim cap.

Though some clients might not want to, or might find themselves without a swimming cap. In this case, we suggest that they wash the chlorine or salt out of their hair as soon as possible after swimming. They can then return to the pool or beachside to catch some more sun and let their hair air dry.

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Article taken by Walker Tape Co

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