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The bob haircuts that will dominate next year!

Five of the best.

If you were wondering whether we're over The Bob yet, we're not. The classic hairstyle has had almost 7 billion hits on TikTok, and for 2024, bob haircuts will still be leading the trends and recruiting more disciples. Why? The cropped-length feels fresh, stylish, practical, groomed and a little bit audacious all at the same time. That's why it continues to be a classic – and a hit amongst tastemakers like Hailey Bieber, Ciara, Lori Harvey and Elsa Hosk.

Of course, this one style offers an umbrella for different versions of the chop, whether you want to go shorter, bouncier or lean into nostalgia. So heading into 2024, which bobs will be on top? Lucky for us, Ripe Hair & Beauty crunched the numbers using Google search volume data to discover which renditions have seen the biggest growth year on year. These are set to be the biggest 2024 bob haircuts…

The bubble bob

We flagged the “bubble bob” as an up-and-comer in early 2023, and now searches for the cut are exploding with 1,300% growth. Airy, floaty and seriously swooshable, like its name suggests, the cut takes its inspiration from bubbles. Of course, the finished shape is bubble-like also, with ends that curve under the chin for a more rounded look.

The micro bob

Chops are getting shorter and short – which is especially evident with the rise of the micro bob, which has seen searches rise by 243%. Rather than sweeping shoulders or jaws, the cut sits right along the cheekbone.

The box bob

A modern take on the most classic bob shape, the box bob is a box-shaped chop cut with blunt ends, clean lines and no layers or graduation of any kind. It's short, sharp and sleek. Favoured by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Elsa Hosk, searches for the cut have risen by 120% in the last 12 months.

The nineties bob

The ‘90s has infiltrated every aspect of beauty, from the ’90s French manicure to the return of brown-toned nude lips – so it was only a matter of time before we revisited the ‘90s bob. The nostalgic cut nods to the voluminous, blow-dried volume of the supers, calling on subtle layers for added oomph. It’s been a favourite of Kourtney Kardashian and Aubrey Plaza, seeing 116% growth heading into 2024.

The Italian bob

The Italian bob has been taking off this year, with fans including Zendaya and The White Lotus' Simona Tabasco. It takes the full-bodied and luxuriously polished texture that Italian film sirens and fashionistas, like Monica Bellucci, are known for, and generously adds a couple of extra plush inches to the length, making it a little longer (and therefore more versatile) than other bobs. It's seen an 85% search growth and it's set to stay on our radar in 2024.

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Article written by Elle Turner for Glamour

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