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Want a bob but scared you’ll look like Lord Farquaad? Here’s exactly what to ask your stylist for

Want a bob but scared you’ll look like Lord Farquaad? Here’s exactly what to ask your stylist for

The bob is absolutely everywhere right now, and we’re big fans. But for anyone thinking of undergoing the chop themselves, there’s a fine line between fierce and Farquaad.

Whether it’s French, Italian or the 00s romcom cut, we love a bob here at Stylist.

The cut is already one of the biggest hair trends of 2024 so far, but there’s one famously bobbed diva we all still fear to emulate: Lord Maximus Farquaad of Shrek fame.

Even though the first Shrek movie came out over 20 years ago, Farquaad’s name is still synonymous with that now-legendary triangular, unflattering cut. For the bobbed among us, there remains no greater insult than a Farquaad comparison.

If you’re keen on a bob but if ‘renowned hater of fairytale creatures’ isn’t exactly the look you’re going for, then don’t fret: we have hair experts happy to weigh in on all the things you can do to make sure Farquaad accusations never fly your way.

Find the right stylist for your look

Andrea Dorata is a salon owner and a guest artist for the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris ID Artist programme and teaches a commercial cutting bobs course.

He tells Stylist: “Most bob cutting courses are based purely on technicality, geometry and angles, but to get a bob that really suits you, the hairdresser needs to think about feeling, movement and texture – these are often overlooked while we focus on an angle or geometric section. Essentially, on an average cutting course, you are shown techniques in the form of geometric patterns, and the focus is often on a neat straight-cut line.

“That’s OK, but it doesn’t necessarily give you a good haircut when dry. The focus is often on the hair that we cut rather than the hair that we leave behind, but a good bob is tailored to suit the face shape, which won’t necessarily mean a dead straight line. So, my first tip is to look at your stylist’s Instagram and check if their bob vibe aligns with yours.”

Layers and bangs are key

Once you’ve found the best stylist for the look you want, curly hair specialist Nuala Morey says: “Ask your stylist to give you some beautiful, soft voluminous layers and either some bangs or a sweeping side fringe. Your stylist should take into account your neck height, jaw structure, cheekbones, height of your forehead, eyes and hairline growth patterns to determine the best possible outcome.”

Dorata agrees: “With a cut, we can tailor the hairstyle to accentuate or hide certain traits of the face – just like you can use make-up to sculpt your features. With hair we can create shadows and illusions. Face shape is important but so is the forehead, the neck and how high somebody’s shoulders are – all those things are often overlooked. The Farquaad bob is also flat at the roots and then very heavy and rounded at the bottom. To avoid this result, tell your stylist that you want something that isn’t a heavy one-length and that it should retain volume at the roots. A more modern take is a bob that embraces the natural movement of the hair. By layering slightly, you’ll get more texture and waves.”

And speaking of texture…

“Curly bobs are completely safe from the Farquaad effect,” says Dorata. “I love bobs that embrace the wearer’s texture, but be honest with your stylist about how you want to wear it. I’ve had clients with very curly hair show me a picture of a very sleek bob thinking I could cut their hair straight. If you want a sleek bob but your hair isn’t dead straight then what are you prepared to do for it? How are your blow-drying skills? Maybe you’d have a smoothing treatment to help with styling. The way you cut it makes a difference to how it looks when naturally curly compared to how it will look if you straighten it. Sometimes if you cut a curly bob to look great, it won’t look great straightened and vice versa. It’s good to pinpoint what outcome of style you’re looking for.”

Pay close attention during the consultation

Morey adds: “During the consultation, they should talk you through what they’re planning to do and move you around to show you what it’ll look like as best they can. If it’s not really clear to you when they’re coming to the end of the consultation, ask them to explain why they chose the style of bob they have and make sure this resonates with what you know about the look you’re aiming for and the texture of your hair.”

Beware of flat colours

Dorata says: “Colour is also key here. The Farquaad shade, while impressively shiny, is both flat and too dark for his skin tone. Ask your stylist for a multi-tonal shade that complements your colouring and brings more depth to the style.

Remember the little style touches

“When styling your bob,” says Dorata, “there are little touches that will Farquaad-proof your look, such as tucking one side behind your ear or adding texture powder or spray at the roots to avoid that flat-to-the-head effect.”

Get yourself a bob hair style today with The Shampoo Lounge.

The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our instagram, our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.

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