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The Controversial Truth About Reusing Tape Extensions

Hair extensions have become an essential accessory for anyone who wants to experiment with their looks. With many different types of hair extensions available, tape in hair extensions have gained immense popularity over the years among women in the world. However, many people believe that tape in hair extensions cannot be reused, which is a myth. For today’s blog, we’re going to explain how tape in hair extensions can be reused and save you some bucks.

The Durability of Tape Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are made of high-quality 100% Remy hair and adhesive tape. Unlike other types of hair extensions, the tape in hair extensions is attached to your hair using a medical-grade adhesive that is strong and durable. This adhesive can withstand heat, water, and sweat, making it long-lasting. This means that tape in extensions can be reused for several applications, up to 6-8 months, with proper maintenance.

The Cost-Effective Nature of Reusing Tape Extensions

Reusing tape in hair extensions is a cost-effective way of achieving your desired look without breaking the bank. With proper care and maintenance, tape in hair extensions can be reused multiple times, saving you a lot of money in the long run. This way, you can get the look you desire without having to purchase new extensions every time. We need to change the band to the new one. We always use 3M double sided tapes from HairShop, you can contact them to purchase this tape

The Ease of Reusing Tape Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are easy to reuse, which makes them a convenient option. All you need is to remove the tape during your maintenance appointment, and reapply them using new tape tabs. The reapplication process is simple and can be done by a professional at your hair salon. We recommend to do the maintenance at The Shampoo Lounge or HairShop. This saves you time and effort while still maintaining your desired look.

The Customizability of Reusing Tape Extensions

Reusing tape in hair extensions allows you to customize your extensions to your desired length, color, and texture. You can change the color and texture of the extensions to match your natural hair, giving you a natural look. Additionally, you can add more hair extensions to create volume and length to achieve the desired hairstyle.

What’s great about the tape in hair extension from HairShop is that we provide you lot of colors to choose from, so you can easily find the perfect match to your natural hair color, or even pick an ombre or a highlighted hair color for a new look without dying your natural hair.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Reusing Tape Extensions

Proper maintenance is essential for reusing tape in hair extensions. It is important to remove the tape adhesive from the extensions every 6-8 weeks before storing or re-applying them to avoid damaging the hair. Using the right hair products and storing the extensions in a cool, dry place helps maintain the quality of the hair. Neglecting proper maintenance will reduce the longevity of the extensions and make them unsuitable for reuse.

Refuting Common Counter Arguments Against Reusing Tape Extensions

Many people believe that reusing tape in hair extensions is unhygienic and can cause hair damage. However, when the extensions are properly cleaned and maintained, they are safe and hygienic for reuse. Additionally, the tape in extensions do not damage your natural hair as they do not require any heat or chemicals during application or removal.

Tape in hair extensions can be reused multiple times, which makes them a cost-effective and convenient option. With proper maintenance and care, tape in hair extensions can maintain their quality and you can achieve your desired look every time effortlessly.

Now, let's move onto the HAIR Quality for your hair extensions. The Shampoo Lounge only use hair of the highest standard for our customers, never compromising on quality. The hair is 100% human hair with brand, which has been chemically treated by professionals to ensure it’s in great condition. The hair is silky, healthy, shiny and very durable. We only use the highest quality Remy hair, as they suit almost everyone.

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