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The Most Flattering Haircuts For Round Faces

Just like how we all know which dress or blouse silhouette flatters our body type more than others (an Empire waist is not for everyone) we've come to realize that there are haircuts that flatter our face shape best. When you have a round face, a softer jawline and equal facial dimensions mean that your face is as long as it is wide and that the widest point of your face is in the middle. You want to go with haircuts—no matter your preference in length, layers, or bangs—that help elongate the face rather than make it appear wider. For round faces, picking the right hairstyle draws the focus onto your best facial features and frames your face in the most flattering way. (And who doesn't want that?) When in doubt, these three classic haircuts are flattering for round faces and aren't just your basic one-length bob. Or you can try these cuts for curly hair. Anything too blunt can overaccentuate the soft curve of the jawline, but confident touches like sporting a center part or framing heavily with layers add dimension and create the illusion of elongating the face. If you're in the market for a fresh and flattering cut, here are three of the best hairstyles for round faces.

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Side-Swept Bob

This heavily swept bob makes the style look almost asymmetrical, which is a great way to take the focus away from the roundness of the face shape. Shorter layers work on this length when it's kept textured and voluminous like seen here. Again, the length hits just below the chin—perfect for round faces.

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Side-Swept Bob

A swoopy side-swept bang and bob combination brings the focus up to the eyes and draws attention horizontally, making sure the roundness of the face shape isn't the main focal point. The length hits just below the chin, which is often the most flattering spot for round face shapes. (If you have a round face and long hair, your layers shouldn't go shorter than that point.) On this short bob, the layers graze the cheekbones and define them really beautifully.

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Asymmetrical Lob

An asymmetrical haircut is slightly off-kilter, making it a flattering finish for round face shapes. The asymmetry breaks up the uniform wideness of a round face and lets the focus shift. Slightly longer on one side of the jaw, often with a deep side part (but not exclusively), this long bob length is the ideal vessel for a stylish cut like this.

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Asymmetrical Lob

Ditching a couple extra inches on one side gives this lob an extra kick of personality. If you're already rocking a lob like the rest of the world—it might be the sole one-size-fits-all length—this subtle asymmetry will help you stand out from the masses.

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Layered Shag with Fringe

This 'New Shag' has been enjoying the spotlight over the past year, and we're still loving the softer, heavily layered haircut. The face-framing layers break up a round face for the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. The focus is brought inward—to the eyes, lips, and cheeks. The curtain bangs are not only the stylish cherry on top, but also happen to be flattering for round faces.

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Layered Shag with Fringe

For round faces, center-parted fringe that tapers off to the sides of the forehead and cheekbones will flatter way more than blunt, straight-line bangs. These bangs, along with face-framing layers that hit just below the chin, help elongate the face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do round faces look better with shorter or longer hair?

Stylists recommend medium-length or longer hair for a round face because it elongates your face shape. Keeping your hair below the chin draws attention away from the jaw line.

Should I get bangs if I have a round face?

Straight bangs and blunt cuts can over-accentuate the roundness of your face, but that doesn't mean you can't have bangs at all. Try center-parted wisps that cascade into long, face-framing layers, or side-swept bangs for an asymmetrical look.

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Article written by Kaitlyn Yarborough for southernliving


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