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The top 5 tips to Cover Stubborn Grey Hair

Wondering how to cover your stubborn grey hair and get the best results? You can't steer wrong with these five easy tricks.

1- Color with a permanent formula

It’s no secret. If more than 50% of your hair is grey and you want to cover it, no more tone on tone formula. It's time to get serious with permanent hair color. It's designed to cover grey hair and give long-lasting results. If you're going to color your hair, you might as well enjoy it for six to eight weeks, right?

2- Track down the formula that guarantees 100% coverage of grey hair

You don't want to cover just a little bit of your grey hair, you want to cover them ALL – To not leave a single strand behind and if possible, to admire the results for more than just a week. There are several formulas on the market. Look at the boxes in the aisles and take only those that guarantee 100% grey coverage. And while you're at it, take two boxes. You wouldn't want to run out of hair color half way through.

3- Double the hair color

If you have the impression that your grey hair is endowed with super stubborn powers, rest assured, that is not the case. However, this may mean that you should look for hair dyes with a higher color concentration. In the Nutrisse line, look for color creams whose numbers end with double zeros such as colors 400, 500 and 600. These rich shades of colors contain more pigments and are very effective against grey hairs.

4- Apply like a pro

To stand victory against grey hair, it is also necessary to apply the hair color correctly. As a good student, be careful, follow the steps and setting time. But if you had to remember three things to improve your application technique and get the grey hair out, here they are:

- Make sure your hair is free of styling product or make-up residues. They can create a barrier that prevents the pigments from properly penetrating the core of the hair fibre.

- Always start with the areas that are most visible such as the temples and the top of the head. You will be certain to have eliminated as much grey hair as possible and this will give extra time for the pigments to settle.

- Work the emulsion: it ensures a more uniform application, a better grey coverage and... a more radiant color.

5- Prolong the setting time.

Want to get rid of stubborn grey? So, for once, you have the right to cheat. Add an additional five minutes to your hair color's setting time. This will allow the pigments to penetrate to the core of the hair fibre. And remember, after each hair color, wait 48 hours before shampooing. You really want to give the pigments time to settle so that you can admire the results for weeks to come.

Too lazy to handle your stubborn grey hair? We've got you covered. Check The Shampoo Lounge. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring your stubborn hair.

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