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The Top High-End Women’s Hair Trends We’ll See In 2021

With the newly introduced Covid-19 lockdown regulations we’re facing as we head further into the new year, suffice it to say that things are looking a little ‘hairy’ (if you’ll excuse the pun). And, with hairdressers now forced to close until further notice and many of us facing cancelled appointments, despite the fact that our locks could do with a much needed makeover, it’s a sad time for those of us for whom our hair is usually our crowning glory.

Even so, the current restrictions won’t last forever, and you’ll be seated back at your favourite luxury salon in the capable hands of the creative director before you know it – which means freshly cut and coloured strands that will transform your look from laid-back lockdown chic to your usual sophisticated style once more.

While you might be in for a bit of a wait, there are a plethora of dreamy high-end hair trends to start getting excited about now – and knowing which looks are the ones to be seen wearing in 2021 will mean you’re one of the first to jump on top of the latest trends once things return to normal.

And, with garden parties and cocktail receptions likely back on the agenda from summer onwards, and with them coming the long-awaited return of socialising, there will be plenty of opportunities to get dressed up to the nines and show off your new look.

From edgy cuts and seamless hair extensions to dreamy colouring techniques, there are some exciting things in store for the world of hair in 2021. These are the high-end trends to keep on your radar.

The pixie cut trend returned with added edge in 2020, and while some might argue that it was the only solution during lockdown and with limited access to hairdressers, the style savvy know better

Rose brown hair

When the rose gold hair trend arrived in the word of high-end hair a few years ago, numerous celebrities – from Kate Moss to Sienna Miller – were seen championing the look. This pretty yet fleeting shade made quite the statement at the time, but due to the high level of maintenance required the trend eventually faded as quickly as the shade itself did.

Enter, rose brown – 2021’s answer to this glamorous hue. Adding subtle spice to brunette manes and offering a low maintenance alternative to its predecessor, it’s set to be the shade to be seen in this year, and will add dimension and interest to block colours and highlighted hair alike.

Pixie cuts

The pixie cut trend returned with added edge in 2020, and while some might argue that it was the only solution during lockdown and with limited access to hairdressers, the style savvy know better. This short and choppy ‘do will remain a key look in 2021, in a year where more manageable manes and the return of stylish socialising are set to collide.

Long and lustrous

At the opposite end of the spectrum, long and flowing locks are the dreamy look to be seen with this summer – and considering most of us will have them by default by that point, it’s just as well.

Long and flowing locks will be the dreamy look to be seen with this summer

But what if you’re not blessed with fast hair-growth, and have been trying in earnest to grow out that bob for the past five years? Help is afoot. Hair extensions – like the seamless Remy clip in hair extensions – will give you the added length you desire, adding silky smooth strands that no-one will ever know are not natural.

While clip-in hair and invisible hair extensions were once best avoided, times have officially changed, and in this day and age they look every bit as good as the real thing and are beautifully discrete, too.

Pearl accessories

Nothing screams glamour like a string of pearls, but in 2021, we’ll be wearing them in a whole new way. Pearl-embellished clips and slides are a quick and easy way to add a little glitz and sparkle to the simplest of up-dos or that new clip-in hair, and are set to be the perfect partner for those long-awaited evenings at the casino or champagne bar in 2021.

Smoked marshmallow

There’s no doubt that 2020 was the year that lived-in hair came into its own, and while it might once have been seen as an unkept look that was far and away from red carpet glamour, these days it is about as stylish as you can get.

In 2021, we’ll see the ‘smoked marshmallow’ trend dominate, comprising brunette roots which gradually fade to platinum blonde. The use of low-lights and high-lights combined created a seamless and multi-dimensional look that is set to be the most coveted colour choice of the new year.

Side fringe hairstyles are back in 2021, whether your hair is long and layered or a short bob

Mushroom brown

Blonde not your colour? Then opt for the cool-toned and utterly glamorous mushroom brown instead. Adding multi-dimensional appeal with a subtle mix of brown and grey to create a unique and ashy hue, it’s the perfect way to inject a little added allure into brunette locks in 2021 – and we, for one, will be first in the queue.

The side fringe

Remember the dramatic side-sweeps we were all sporting in the noughties? Well, they’re back for 2021 – but this time, they’ve had an utterly sophisticated makeover which means they are much less teen emo and much more lavish and luxurious.

Adding movement and disguising higher foreheads, there was a reason we loved them in the first place – but teamed with the new season colours, cuts and accessories, they look far better than they ever did the first time around.

article written by LLM Reporters


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