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The Velvet Crop Is One Of Our Favorite Short Hair Trends Of The Moment

When you think of empowering beauty moves that give strength and confidence, it's likely that a shaved head pops into mind. The buzz cut is bold, freeing, and beautiful. It can, of course, also be a bit of a pain to grow out a buzz cut once you're ready to rock longer locks again. But that's where the velvet crop comes in. This chic, cool, and captivating trend allows you to feel stylish in those troublesome transitional stages of outgrowth where you just aren't sure what exactly to do with your hair.

You may also fall in love with the velvet crop and opt to keep your hair at that length. The bleach-blond hue of the velvet crop flatters and frames the face, making it an enticing option for those ready to jump in for a big change. "The velvet crop is a bit longer than a traditional buzz cut; it is a perfect transitional look for growing a buzz cut out in a flattering way, or a bold option for those wanting to make a statement and cut a lot of hair off," hairstylist and creative director at Evo Hair Tom Smith told Byrdie. "It can feel really liberating!"

Goddess energy all around

Styling your velvet crop all comes down to length and choice of styling products. As your hair grows, you may apply a product with a medium to firm hold to the top of your head to achieve more shape and volume. The vibe is inherently a bit messy as it grows out and we love that about this look. "You look like a goddess!!" one Instagram user commented on the look, and we have to agree that's very much the energy of this trend.

You can show off big earrings with a velvet crop

Another perk of shorter cuts like the velvet crop — in addition to its empowerment — is the room it gives you to play around with jewelry and makeup in a new way. You'll be able to show off fun earrings, bold eyeshadows, and lush lashes that are only accentuated and complemented by your velvet crop. Consider this one of the many reasons to consider short hair. 

Tame the fuzz with a styling product

If you aren't a fan of the fuzzy look the velvet crop can sometimes give off, then using a hair gel to mold your cut into place is another great route. This will give your velvet crop more shape and form, while still making a bold and powerful statement. Depending on your natural hair color, your roots may or may not give a ton of dimension to your velvet crop. So, using a product to create texture can elevate the look, if your roots happen to be lighter.

A celebrity-endorsed style

If you needed one more reason to try out the velvet crop, know that it's fast becoming a go-to in Hollywood. "We've seen plenty of the buzzcut throughout this year – think Florence Pugh, Emma Corrin and Annabelle Dexter-Jones — and now it's evolving into a new type of 'suedehead' style that uses colour placement to enhance the look more," Tom Smith told Stylist. It's even more striking when the stars rock a bleached velvet crop with darker brows to elevate the look.

The velvet crop is perfectly low-maintenance

You've seen the inspiration from both social media and celebrities, and if you're ready to take the leap and don a velvet crop with power and poise, we fully support the change. The trend is of the moment in every sense — daring, bold, and low-maintenance. You'll fully transform your energy in one swift move and turn heads everywhere you go. This liberating, statement-making cut is the embodiment of striking.

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Article is written by Hannah Darling Fenn for Glam

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