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These Are The Most Flattering Bob Hairstyles For Older Women With Fine, Flat Hair

If there’s one hair style that most stylists agree is a winner for most women, it’s the classic bob. Whether your hair is fine, thin, or thick and curly, the bob can be customized, cut, and styled to suit your hair type and facial features. It’s truly the little engine that could of haircuts.

Glam Girl Gabi is no stranger to fine, thin hair and says she herself has struggled to figure out how to address her own hair challenges. But one thing the beauty expert understands? Some haircuts are simply better than others for helping hair look and feel thicker and more luxurious.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob will make even the thinnest hair look “significantly thicker,” according to Gabi. The reason for this is because when you go shorter and forego layers for one-layered hair, your baseline appears more dense. When the baseline looks dense, the eye is tricked into thinking your hair is thicker than it is.

You can experiment with blunt bobs with fringe or with ends that are on an angle, or simply get a bob that’s the same length all around.

Because the blunt bob is short and wider, Gabi reminds us that it can also make your face look wider. If you have a long, skinny face, this cut may give your face a beautiful balance. But if you don’t want your round face to look rounder, this may not be the cut for you.

Layered Bob

If you love a bob, but don’t love so much weight at the baseline of your hair, a layered bob adds just a few choice layers to create more movement in your hair. You still get to keep a cut that makes your hair look so much thicker, but the layers allow you to play around and add waves, curls, and texture. You can even experiment with highlights or balayage that plays up these layers.


A lob, or mid-length cut (literally, a long bob) is a great cut for fine hair because it gives you the styling flexibility of longer hair, with the illusion of shorter, thicker hair. As with the bob, you can leave your lob in one sleek layer for a thicker baseline or add layers here and there for movement.

Another wonderful thing about the lob is that it’s the perfect compromise between long hair and a shorter bob, if you aren’t ready to take the short hair plunge just yet.

If you’re struggling to make sense of straggly ends and aren’t sure what to request next at your salon, consider a blunt bob, layered lob, or always-sophisticated lob to instantly make your strands look fuller and more refined.

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