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These winter nail colours are everywhere right now – here's how to copy the season's hottest shades

Digging out your winter nail colours (and maybe investing in a few new ones) is the best way to see in the season If there’s anything that’ll take the edge off shorter days, darker nights and working-from-home-in-a-giant-hoodie weather, it’s the excitement of choosing your new winter nail colours. In my opinion, regular at-home nail painters and gel-appointment-ers sit in one of two camps. There are the people who see every nail change day as an opportunity to try something new (and they’ve got a camera roll bursting with nail design screenshots to help them do just that). Then there those who divide their year neatly into two shades – one for summer, one for winter. They do have one thing in common though, and that’s that the change in seasons will mean a shade switchover. Especially with (whispers it) Christmas fast approaching. The best place to start? According to Austinya Parnell-Raghnal, Senior Manicurist at Duck & Dry, we should all be taking inspiration from our surroundings. “Autumn is our cosy transitional season filled with orange, green and darker hues,” she says. “It’s a nice idea to switch up your nail colour to one of those shades as a little way to welcome the arrival of winter and get excited about it.” Or, you could skip autumn altogether, jump the gun and go straight in with some festive sparkle or Christmas nail designs. “For me, autumn winter is always about refreshing your nails and getting ready for all the glitz and glam of the festive season,” says pro manicurist and OPI Global Ambassador, Iram Shelton. “I’ve noticed that clients like to go shorter for autumn and have dark glossy nails.” But that’s not to say that you have to abandon any attachment to brighter shades as soon as the clocks change. “I think pops of colour are staying for A/W,” continues Shelton. “If you’re someone who has a very muted wardrobe then accessories are a way to add some fun to your style. To me, nails are an accessory so adding a bit of colour is a no-brainer to elevate your look.” It doesn’t matter if your nails are long or short, if you’re a fan of acrylic nails, are in a committed relationship with shellac nails or prefer them au natural, we’ve got the perfect winter nail colours for you. 9 WINTER NAIL COLOURS TO INSPIRE YOUR NEXT MANICURE 1. Dark Cherry Red

If you want to embrace the quiet luxury or stealth wealth trends with expensive-looking nails, you can’t go wrong with dark red. “Classic dark colours will always be trending,” says Shelton. “They’re so classy and there is a shade for all skin tones. I’ve shown a few on my favourites recently on my Instagram and the main colours to ask for this season are OPI shades Black Cherry Chutney, Lincoln Park After Dark & Malaga Wine.”

2. Forrest Green

As Parnell-Raghnal suggested, it’s nice to take your nail inspiration from nature. Sage nails were a huge hit this summer, and can certainly join you as you move into winter. If you did want to go deeper though, think forest and so-dark-they-could-be-black greens that wouldn’t look out of place on a woodland walk or held up next to your Christmas tree. 3. Deep Blue

In fashion you often hear the advice that navy makes for a softer alternative to black, and the same logic applies to your nails. With murky blue and neat navy winter nail colours, you still get that intensity and depth of colour, but without going too gothic. It also feels a bit more fashion-forward than expected tones like deep red. As for shape, Amien explains that’s down to ‘personal preference, but we do expect to see more requests for sharp almond nails – it’s very fitting for this time of year.” 4. True Red

Another classic winter nail colour that will never date is bright red. True, pillar-box hues are best here, as anything too orange, pink or coral-toned will feel like a step back into summer nail colours. It’s also a good idea to keep your nails relatively short, as this is a statement shade that can quickly creep into talon territory if you’re not careful. 5.Nude Neutrals

If you’re serious about colour coordination then we’re guessing that the idea of a nail polish that doesn’t match your outfit is enough to cause a little bead of sweat to form onto your (otherwise freezing) forehead. In that case, nude nails are the answer – posing zero risk of a colour clash. Just like shapewear, tights and lipstick, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nude, which unfortunately means you might need to play around to find the perfect your-nails-but-better shade for your natural nails and skin tone. If you’re really struggling, a clear polish is your best bet for an elevated finish. 6. Molton Metallics

“When it comes to autumn/winter I just think of all the festive fun that comes along with it,” says Shelton. “With party season coming up, there’s nothing more exciting than adding a little sparkle and my favourite way of doing this is by incorporating a little into my manicures.” Most metallic shades will be quite sheer, with glitter particles suspended in a light or clear polish that allows you to see through to the nail beneath. You can either wear them over another shade, layer them up to create a “block colour or use them to add subtle detailing to the nail,” advises Shelton. “I like to use sparkle shades to create a skinny French tip or even negative space tip – it’s subtle yet catches your eye.” 7. Color Pop Pink

If we had to sum up the last six months of fashion and beauty trends in just one word, pink is the one that comes to mind - and the aftershocks of the Barbiecore boom are still rippling through. “If you’re looking to stay on trend then pinks are hot right now,” says Shelton. Barbie girls can stick with hot pinks and magentas, but if that’s not for you then pink nail designs in pretty pastels or deeper berries are a good compromise. 8. Cobalt Blue

Continuing on the same theme as bright pink is the trend for cobalt blue as one of the leading winter nail colours. “I like striking colours like OPI Shore is Something!,” explains Shelton. It feels a bit more grown-up than super-strong, extra-vibrant neon blues but still gives you that feel-good pop of colour. Cobalt blue is surprisingly flattering but can still be difficult to pull off if you’re very fair, in which case an icier blue may be more up your street. 9. Rich Brown

If there’s ever a time to spend a guilt-free evening with your hand in a box of chocolates, then it’s winter – just blame those hibernation impulses. Or, you could indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate-toned nails instead. This winter, they’re deeper and more luxurious than summer’s latte and espresso nails – think expensive dark choc over milk. “We feel clients will be requesting darker shades this year including rich browns and almost-black shades,” says Parnell-Raghnal. So there we have it, consider yourself fully swotted-up on the best winter nail colours to take you through to Christmas and beyond – see you in the salon We've get you ready for your winter nails! The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in. BOOK NOW:

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