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Thinking of going grey? Hop on board the Grey train.

Silver hair is the latest trend on Instagram, with many celebrities rocking the look. The difference between grey and silver hair is that grey hair occurs when the hair follicle no longer produces pigment, while silver hair is achieved by bleaching hair to remove any color pigment and then toning it with a cool toner to create a shimmering silver effect.

To achieve the perfect silver tone, it is best to visit a professional salon to have the remaining color pigment removed and then toned.

Anyone can wear silver hair as long as they have the courage to rock the avant-garde color. To maintain the silver color, use a purple shampoo and toner at home or apply a strong mask once a week. It's important to remember that naturally grey silver hair can become coarse and wiry, so it needs lots of nourishment, while artificially created silvers will need hydration and protein-rich masks to maintain its integrity.

To achieve volume, add extensions that blend seamlessly with metallic grey.

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Article by Shierley Koval

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