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This Trending Bob Is the Most Effortless Hair Style of Summer

The hottest haircut of summer? According to Luke Hersheson (who knows a thing or two about good hair, given that he regularly works with the likes of Dua Lipa and Sienna Miller), it’s the rounded bob, a low-maintenance, undone style which has been gaining popularity in the hot summer months. Expect it to keep trending well into autumn, too.

Kelly McGillis folds in Top Gun, 1986.

“It’s quite a big hairstyle,” explains Hersheson of the look. “Think voluminous and slightly layered towards the ends, so you get this kick out of hair at the back, which creates a kind of overlying volume.” The rounded bob makes natural texture its focal point (so if you have naturally straight or very fine hair, this may be one to skip).

Kim Basinger with her rounded bob in 1992.

Muses for the look include Kelly McGillis from the 1986 classic Top Gun, Kim Basinger, and Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn, all of whom have sported characterful rounded bobs that require very little effort. For more recent examples, look to Selena Gomez’s version with bangs, or chef Sophia Roe’s curly take. “This haircut is all about movement,” says Hersheson. “And because it’s so natural, it relies upon an excellent haircut as its foundation.”

Get the cut right and the styling part should take care of itself—good news for those of us who prefer to roll out of bed in the morning and go. In fact, Hersheson says that it should require little more than a quick rough dry—or no blow dry at all. “You wouldn’t use a brush with this one because you run the risk of making it feel older,” he confirms. “It needs a kind of looseness to keep it modern, fresh and cool.”

Sherilynn Fenn in 1990.

The rounded bob is defined by its spherical silhouette, so to get it right, forgo blunt and razor-sharp lines and seek out a softer aesthetic. It works brilliantly on anyone with a cloud of curls, it can be dressed up or down for any occasion, and suits a range of personalities: it works just as well on tomboys as it does on fans of an ultra-feminine aesthetic.

Sophia Roe

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Article written by Hannah Coates for Vogue

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