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TikTok's Most Popular Haircuts

If the new year has inspired you to change up your locks and try something new (and possibly even daring), TikTok has your back — as usual. From classic looks like Birkin bangs and long, feathery '70s cuts to blunt bobs and — gasp — side bangs, we're seeing a lot of variety when it comes to 2024's most popular haircuts. Low maintenance seems to remain the name of the game, and we may even be seeing a shift from some strong and steady trends like shags and voluminous waves to sleek, straight hair. That certainly wasn't on our 2024 Bingo card, but alas, the streets have spoken!

"Many people are growing out of their shags and are going for either a longer style or opting to turn them into a version of a bob," Mark Townsend, celebrity hairstylist and Alfaparf Milano ambassador, told The Zoe Report. So, if you have yet to seek out inspiration for your 2024 haircut, here's your first stop — we've compiled the hottest trends of the year so you don't have to.

Birkin bangs are back in a big way

Named after the late — and iconic — Jane Birkin, this '70s trend is resurfacing and making huge waves once more. Birkin bangs are an effortless, retro style that features super soft, piecey bangs with the shortest point through the middle. The look is slightly uneven and tapered with wispy side pieces. If you've been hesitant to try a fringe cut, Birkin bangs may just leave you feeling not only confidently cute but also ahead of the curve.

The blunt bob is back, back, back again

This super chic cut is as blunt as they come. The trend doesn't include layering or stacking –- just a single, sharp length throughout. The blunt bob can be worn wavy or straight, but the short length should make styling extra easy. "Don't tempt me with a good time," one TikToker commented on a video in response to the return of the blunt bob in 2024. 

"I really adore this look for many reasons," celebrity hairstylist and salon owner Andrew Fitzsimons told Bustle. "It was initially popular in the '20s when flapper glam was huge, and as we continue to tap nostalgia and earlier decades for inspiration in 2024, it looks like this will make a return in 2024." Who could be mad at that?

Long, layered cuts are whimsical again

Soft, feathered, and fluffy, the long, layered cut from the '70s is effortlessly chic –- and ideal when you need a change but don't want to lose much length. This cut can be styled easily with a round brush, and it frames the face beautifully. This trend is a bit different than the '70s shag, though, as it works with longer, flowing layers. Of course, curtain bangs are still a go, so don't be afraid to combine styles here.

The side bang is swooping in

You may not have thought about side bangs since the 2000s, but the trend is slowly peeking its head out again. This is sure to bring on a landslide of nostalgia for some, but the perfectly swept side bang frames the face and flatters many. "I have whip lash with trends like this," one TikToker commented on a video depicting the trend's recent appearance on many celebrities, while another said, "Side bangs never left." You can rock side bangs with long or short hair, and they certainly bring an element of style to otherwise simple looks. So, ultimately, this trend really is for everyone.

Round curly cuts offer fullness and fun

We're likely to see more rounded, curly cuts in 2024, too. This style is playful, has tons of volume, and boasts a free-spirited vibe, so it's great for adventurous souls. Moreover, it's not too heavy at the ends, as your curly tresses cascade gently downward, so it can help you feel light as a feather as you go through your day. "In 2023, volume was already a key player in high-end fashion. In 2024, [we will] embrace the 'bigger is better' philosophy," Neville Hair & Beauty art director Jason Crozier told Who What Wear of the trend. So, if you have curly hair and want something new this year, try a rounded look — it could become your new favorite 'do.

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Article written by Hannah Darling Fenn for Glamour


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