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Trying To Strengthen Your Nails? Here's Why You May Want To Round Them

If your nails are difficult to work with or split more than you care to admit, you may want to strengthen them. Not only is nail breakage annoying, but it can also make your nails look uneven. Strengthening your nails can not only help to keep your nails in good condition, but it can also help to ensure that they're in "picture-perfect" form and prevent any mishaps from occurring. 

Your nails can tell you a lot about your health. Several factors can impact the strength of your nails, including the nail care products you use, the weather, moisture, your overall nail care routine, and more. However, there is one unusual factor that you may of never even thought of before when it comes to the strength of your talons — the shape.

Although it may come as a surprise, the shape of your nails can actually have an impact on your overall nail strength – and some are better than others. However, you don't need to worry too much. They will still look beautiful once you're finished. So, what shape of nails will help strengthen your nails?

Rounding your nails can strengthen them

Strengthening your nails may seem daunting, but there's one secret trick you can try. Expert manicurist Ami Streets explains to Refinery29 that "[A] rounded shape helps to reinforce strength and structure to prevent any breakage or chipping." So, if you want to boost the strength of your nails, then rounded nails are the way to go. However, she also adds that they should be "short" too. Perfecting this shape yourself may take some time and practice, but it's certainly achievable and will help you to get your nails in good condition. 

If you're unsure how to achieve the look of rounded nails, don't worry. In an article for Byrdie, nail expert Lauren Dunne recommends "[holding] the nail file at a 45-degree angle at the nail's corner to begin rounding the corner of the free edge. Use a smooth rounding motion to pull the file over the corner of the nail to make a rounded shape." Soon, you should be a rounded nail pro in no time! 

In addition to the shape, there are a few other ways you can support the strength of your nails.

Strengthen your nails with nail hardener

To keep your nails healthy, you may want to try adding a nail hardener to the rotation of nail care products in your routine. While the name pretty much speaks for itself, medical and aesthetic dermatologist at Hudson Dermatology & Laser Surgery, Dr. Kiran Mian, highlights that nail hardeners "can help reinforce structure in brittle nails, allowing them to be resistant to breakage" (via Today). As a result, using such a product could help to support nail strength and give your nails a much-needed boost. This is particularly useful if you find that your nails feel weak.

Likewise, you could even try using keratin to strengthen your nails. Taking good care of them is vital to improving their overall strength and condition. However, if your nails don't seem very strong and nothing seems to be helping, it's always best to seek a professional opinion. Doing so should help you regain your nails' full strength in no time.

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