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What Exactly is Dry Cutting and Why Do Some Stylists Prefer It?

The benefits of dry cutting explained.

Dry cutting your hair might not sound like the most relaxing salon experience. Especially if half the reason you finally scheduled that haircut is for the head massage included in the hair washing portion of the process. The truth is, the benefits of dry cutting might surprise you. They might actually convert you over to the other side of the cutting camp. Aside from the obvious, water-saving and earth-loving benefits of going water-free at your next salon appointment, dry cutting can benefit your strands in the long run too.

What is Dry Cutting?

First things first, you may be wondering, what exactly is dry cutting?

This method is exactly what it sounds like: a haircut executed on hair that is completely. When opting for a dry cut, you can skip the water and shampoo and head straight to the stylist’s chair.

Many stylists will request that you freshly wash and air dry your hair ahead of the appointment. This is to ensure that they can get an accurate read on how your hair behaves on its own.

These are the benefits of dry cutting.

You know that feeling when you leave the salon with a fresh blowout and strands smoother and shinier than your favorite silk pillowcase? While we are all about using your salon appointment as a glam session, the truth is that your wet hair and the subsequent blowout don’t accurately represent your day-to-day texture.

By sitting in the stylist’s chair with your air-dried hair, your stylist can get a much more accurate picture of your hair texture. This enables them to offer a much more personalized experience.

Not only that, but as any curly-haired girls will know, your curls shrink considerably when they dry. By shaping your haircut when your curls are dry, your stylist will get an accurate read on how your curls behave when they are dry.

Can you still have your hair washed?

Yes! Talk to your stylist about getting your hair washed and blown out post-haircut so you don’t miss out on the deep wash and expert blowout. The dry cutting technique is all about precision and customization during the haircutting process. Once the haircut is taken care of, there’s no reason not to have your hair washed!

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Article written by Miriam Herst-Stein for allthingshair, original article click here

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