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20 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Men

There are many components to pulling off a wedding: finding the right tux, scoring shoes that fit effortlessly, and deciding if you're going to wear a pocket square or not. But, it's important to remember not to get lost in those details and focus on another essential planning detail: your wedding day hairstyle.

Celebrity hairstylist and photographer Michael Dueñas recommends that grooms stick with classic and timeless hairstyles. “Usually clean tapered sides, with a little length on top and well-groomed. Think men’s styles in the 1940s. Just less product,” he says. To achieve the best hairstyle on the big day, Dueñas recommends using a molding paste for “natural finish.”

For a hairstyle that stands out on the big day, scroll ahead to see 20 of our favorite wedding hairstyles for grooms.

1. Man Bun

While cascading curls are quite covetable, they can be a bit high-maintenance in more humid locales. Enter, the ultra cool man bun. Sweep those spirals back into a knot for a sleek look that won't compromise your personal style. Note: This 'do works on any hair texture, but we especially love the dimension of curls in the mix.

2. Induction Buzz Cut

A military, or induction, buzz cut is about as short as you can go without taking it all off. The minimalist look is a class style that will always look sharp. Be sure to have your barber freshen up the cut as close to the big day as possible for the cleanest look.

3. Natural Textures

If you have natural hair, then let it grow out! Your curls or coils will be the star of the show. From shorter crops to full-blown heights, we love the vibe of going au naturel.

4. Low Ponytail

For grooms with longer styles, pull your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. You can even leave some of your hair loose in the front to frame your face or nonchalantly tuck behind the ears. This low-key men's hairstyle is modern, sleek, and creates a cohesive look with a classic tux.

5. The Mid-Length Man

If you have longer hair, a man bun and ponytail aren't the only options. Instead, let your hair down and let those waves do their thing. Allow the hair to dry in a swept-back style for an effortless aesthetic that still looks polished.

6. The Classic

If you're not a fan of long hair, then try this tried-and-true men's cut. The sides remain shorter (but not nearly as short as a buzz cut), but leave a good amount of hair on top. Since the hair isn't as long on top, it won't be in your face but still provides enough versatility to personalize the look.

7. Graduated Front

A neat cut with a graduated, longer front never disappoints. Styling options are plentiful from brushing it into a polished, high-and-tight style to refining the look but allowing some roguish movement in the front. These grooms chose to get ready together—which might explain the complementary hair that illustrates our examples beautifully—for their elegant Puerto Rico nuptials.

8. Waved Front

Don't be afraid to add more elements to a mixed-length hairstyle. For this look, have the top and front waved to create volume. Then, ask your stylist to use a molding paste to shape the hair how you want—this will also keep the hair in place throughout the entire day.

9. Spiked-Up Top

There's no easier men's hairstyle than spiking your hair up. It might seem casual for a wedding, but we disagree. This hairstyle adds an element of unexpected vibrancy to any wedding ensemble.

10. Perfectly Imperfect

We'll call this look magnetically mussed up. It's the I woke up like this of men's hairstyles that's effortlessly devilish while being completely intentional. Similar to it's spiked-up counterpart, you'll need to work some product into the hair to create that alluringly piecy vibe. Remember to exercise restraint, the goal is to look refined not bed-headed.

11. Long All Over

Another way to wear your hair on your wedding day is to let it grow out. The varying lengths in this cut provide lots of dimension and opportunities to shape and mold the design. Ask your hairstylist to blow dry it for extra volume and softness.

12. Curly Undercut

An undercut offers the best of both worlds, a fresh buzz cut on the sides and back with lots of height and length to play with on top. The style has immensely grown in popularity over the years—thanks to many a well-groomed athlete—with no signs of stopping. We love that this groom took the opportunity to flaunt his curls for the California backyard wedding.

13. All Connected

Become one with your beard. Instead of disconnecting the sides of your hair from your facial hair, leave it all connected to create one smooth line. The natural definition creates a rugged look that's always fashionable.

14. Clean and Sleek

If a clean-shaven hairstyle is your go-to, don't feel like you need to switch it up for your ceremony. Stick with what suits you best and makes you feel comfortable. A shaved style is classic and timeless.

15. Long Dreads

Calling all grooms with dreads! Even if you are having a formal wedding, your dreads can look elegant and fit right into the setting. Dreadlocks are easy to care for and don't require constant attention and styling. Just give your dreads a refresh before the big day.

16. Twisted Locs

Similar to traditional dreads, these long strands are twisted for a spiraled texture full of dimension. The style can be worn down for a dynamic look or be gathered back into a low-slung ponytail for easier mobility. The urban vibe was picture-perfect for this fashionable Chicago wedding.

17. Slicked Back

Listen up, grooms: Hair products can be your friends. A simple hairstyle can completely transform with the use of quality products. Whether adding shine or a bit of grip for texture and hold, your look will be completely elevated and photo ready.

18. A Formal Fade

A classic fade is always an excellent, fuss-free option. It’s a timeless style that will place all of the attention on your suit and details. Plus, you won't have to worry about it getting disheveled on the dance floor.

19. Temp Fade

The temp fade is a traditional buzz cut with a bit of panache. The style is distinguished by added density at the top graduating into a barely-there crop as the hairline descends toward the neck, particularly at the temples. The sharp lines create definition that handsomely frames the face.

20. Twists Into a Ponytail

Pulling braids into a ponytail makes for a very chic men’s style. Have your hair braided closely to the scalp and leave some length on the ends. Then pull the lengths back and secure in place. You won’t have to worry about touching up your hair all day.

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Article written by Taylor Lane for Bride


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