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9 Spring Hair Color Trends to Mix Up Now

Who’s ready for a raft of new-season looks? Spring’s hair color trends are shaping up, and if this sneak peek is anything to go by, 2022 is looking bright. From the lightest of blondes, to the boldest of blues, to the shiniest of brunettes, it’s all about creating colors that glow from now until summer comes along.

So, let’s spring into the hottest hues that are about to blow up in salons. Notebooks and mixing bowls at the ready; here are the spring hair color trends your clients are going to love…

1. Bombshell Blonde

Think Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch era, and you’ve got the tone to a tee. Bright, platinum blondes are back in a big way, complete with backcombed volume and a bouncy blow-dry. It’s not the easiest shade to maintain, so clients will need to be ready for the high commitment. However, when it comes to making an impact, there’s no shade of blonde quite like it. This is one look that’s heavy on the pre-lightener, so use bond-strengthening BlondorPlex to achieve the lift. Then, tone with demi-permanent Color Touch 10/81 or permanent Illumina Color 10/1.

2. Mocha Brown

There’s another name for the mocha brown hair trend: ‘expensive brunette’. And the clue is in the title with this one; to get the look, your client’s locks should appear dark, ultra-luxe and glossy. You’re going for a million dollar hair hue that layers multiple tones of brown, best achieved with a balayage or subtle ombre technique. For example, the milky mocha mane above features balayage strokes of Blondor Freelights, followed by Color Touch 8/38 to tone. Delicious.

3. Ring Lighting Hair

Instagram’s influence knows no bounds. Seemingly hooked on how locks appear in well-lit selfies, hair lovers have coined the term ‘ring lighting hair’ for face-framing highlights. Essentially, by creating a bright money-piece, you can cheat the flattering effects of a ring light (no lamps needed). Just make sure you lift strands through the front so they’re one or two shades brighter than the base. Want in? Start a little way down from the root, using BlondorPlex to lift a one-inch slice of hair. Then tone with a shine-enhancing formula, like semi-permanent Color Fresh or permanent Koleston Perfect.

4. Denim Blue Hair

Blue hair has been trending since autumn, but for spring, the color is going gray. Get ready for denim blues with a washed-out, flawlessly faded finish this season. For this hue, create the look with Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder to achieve a level 10 base, followed by Illumina Color 10/69 + 9/60 + Platinum Lily to tone.

5. Contrasting Caramel Highlights

When it comes to blonde highlights on dark brown hair, it’s all about making them pop. Go for high contrast, caramel tones at least three to four shades lighter than the base to achieve a trend called ‘twilighting’. You’ll need to pre-lighten chunky sections first – try Blondor Freelights painted through mid-lengths and ends – then tone with a warm blonde. Some of our favorites include Koleston Perfect 8/39( can you remove this), Color Touch 8/0 and Illumina Color 8/37.

6. Cool, Crisp Copper

Bring on the punchy reds. Where winter was big on deep burgundy and black cherry tones, spring is throwing the spotlight on light, bright coppers and strawberry blondes. Case in point: this fresh, fiery ginger, which was created with ribbons of Blondor Freelights, followed by a Color Touch blend of 7/75 + 8/43 to tone hair to perfection.

7. Sandy Blonde

As a precursor to all the beachy blonde hues heading your way for summer 2022, sandy blonde is set to trend for spring. It’s as crisp as an early-March day by the sea. With the tone of an ash blonde, but less of the contrast, it pairs velvety beiges with minky stone hues, resulting in a high-shine color we can’t get enough of. Want this particular look? First, lift your client’s hair with BlondorPlex foilyage (balayage in foils). Then carry out a Koleston Perfect glossing service by mixing 9/1 + 9/31 with Welloxon Perfect 1.9% and INVIGO Color Post Color Treatment at a 1:1:1 ratio.

8. Pastel Pink

Because we all deserve a little frivolity – especially after the past two years – pink hair is making a punchy, pastel-toned entrance for spring. Opt for the sweetness and light of candyfloss, macaron and marshmallow shades. If you’re as in love as we are with the look above, you can recreate it using Illumina Color 9/59. It’s the ideal formula, as it boosts the natural light reflections in your client’s hair.

9. At-Home Hair Glossing

Not every spring hair trend starts in the salon. Expect glossing to be big throughout the whole of 2022 – and not just carried out at the backwash, but in your client’s home as well. With the introduction of our color-depositing conditioner, the Color Fresh Mask, we’re allowing clients to refresh their pro shade with ease in the shower. There are 11 masks to choose from – including blondes, browns and rainbow brights – that they can smooth through wet hair once per week, in place of their usual conditioner. Suggest they use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the kind-to-hair cream, then rinse it out after 10 minutes. Brassy, dull tones will be a thing of the past.

Got idea for your new hair color? Check The Shampoo Lounge. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring


Article written by Zara Kenyon & Anette Svensson for Wella


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