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9 Things Your Hairstylist Wishes You’d Stop Doing at the Salon

These stylists are getting honest.

Whether you’re loyal to a single hairstylist or tend to see someone new each time you visit the salon, whoever you see likely has a little list of hair-related things they wish their clients wouldn’t do anymore.

These can range from inconsequential pet peeves to in-the-chair aggravations to no-no’s that ultimately impact the health and quality of your hair (and your stylist’s ability to get a great end result). We asked a handful of hairstylists what they wish their clients would stop doing—here’s what they told us.

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Being Unkind to Yourself in the Chair

Going to the salon presents a unique situation in which we sit and stare at ourselves in the mirror sometimes for hours. As awkward as it may feel—and as tempted as you might be to criticize yourself—try to avoid the self-deprecating language.

“Having the opportunity to work with people on their outer self is so fun, but hearing the way people point out their every flaw the second they sit in the chair never gets easier,” says stylist Kallie Henskens. “Try shifting your language into a more positive space. We are not here to place judgment on you or pick apart any flaw you feel is coming through. We are here to bring out that inner beauty and help you identify with what you see in the mirror.”

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Crossing Your Legs or Looking Down During a Haircut

Once your hairstylist breaks out the clippers, it’s time to sit up straight, put your phone down, look forward, and uncross your legs. Anything less than a great posture can compromise the end result. Your full attention and good posture ensures your safety while your stylist is wielding sharp tools. It also helps create a more balanced haircut.

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Walking In With Really Long Roots

Stretching out the time between color appointments is a habit we’re all guilty of, but it can backfire pretty quickly. This is particularly true if your natural color is quite different from your dyed color.

“The number one mistake I wish my clients wouldn’t make is let their hair color roots grow out too long and then expect to have their color look as if they kept it up,” says Sharon Dorram, celebrity colorist and owner of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger NYC.

If you do end up waiting a long time between appointments, Dorram says it’s important to be realistic about how your color will look after just one session and that you may need one or two more appointments to get where you want to be.

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Micromanaging Their Work

Feedback is always welcomed in the salon chair, but tipping over into “micromanaging” territory can quickly cause your stylist to feel frustrated. It can also potentially hold them back from exercising their full creativity and showcasing their skillset.

“As professionals, we all have our own creative approach,” Henskens says. “There are multiple roadmaps to achieve the same result and we all have different education backgrounds and preferences on the method we choose to obtain the desired result.”

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Not Speaking Up

On the flip side, it’s completely OK to let your stylist know if things are headed in the wrong direction during your cut or color. By speaking up midway—versus at the end—you can course correct any issues and walk out of the salon with your bouncy, shiny hair exactly the way you want it!

If you do get to the end of your session and dislike the results, gently explain what’s not quite vibing. It’s better for your stylist to get a chance to address the problem right away versus hearing about it days later or—worse—via an awful review that can impact their business.

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Ignoring Their Recommended Hair Products

We’re all on some kind of budget, but if you’re splurging for a high-end highlight, balayage, or hair treatment then it makes sense to use top-tier shampoo and conditioner products recommended by your stylist.

Julius Michael, celebrity hairstylist and brand ambassador for Voloom, says these products are often formulated with subpar ingredients that can end up stripping your color or impede otherwise good hair days.

“To protect your investment, you should use only salon quality professional products that are 100% paraben and sulfate-free,” Michale says. “They may cost a bit more, but preserving your beautiful hair color is worth it.”

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Forgetting To Bring Hair Inspiration

Trying to describe exactly what you want to your hairstylist can sometimes work, but without a good visual it can be difficult for your stylist to know exactly what you want. This can lead to results you’re not completely satisfied with.

“Bring on the visuals and allow us to work our magic,” Henskens says. “And remember to seek out inspiration photos where the model has a similar hair texture and natural color as your own.”

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Arriving With Dirty Hair

Old advice used to recommend coming into the salon with dirty hair. The belief was that the oils would protect your hair and scalp, but thanks to new technology this is outdated wisdom, notes Henskens.

“Thankfully, product lines are now formulated with ingredients that are much gentler on the hair,” Henskens explains. “Now, if there is too much oil, dirt, and buildup on the hair, the products may not yield the desired result.” Instead, head to the salon with clean, dry hair so your stylist has an ideal canvas to work with.

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Leaning on Dry Shampoo Way Too Much

Dry shampoo comes in handy in a pinch, but not’s not meant for regular usage. “A big misconception is that dry shampoo cleans hair and then clients think they can just do that instead of cleansing their hair,” says celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. “It’s important to properly cleanse your scalp on a regular basis.”

Routine washes don’t have to happen daily—you can wash every two, three, or even four days. This helps break down product residue, refreshes your hair, stimulates your scalp, and promotes healthy hair growth.

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Article written by Wendy Rose Gould for Real Simple

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