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Here's Why the "Flob" Is the Sexiest Short Haircut You'll See All Spring

A bob is one of those haircuts that's timeless. The style looks perfect on nearly everyone, and the best part is the seemingly endless ways to wear it. We saw the long bob (aka the "lob") practically take over Hollywood last summer as dozens of celebs rushed to make it their go-to post-lockdown hairstyle, and now with the introduction of spring weather, it's time for the latest iteration: the "flob" (or, as you might call it, the flat bob).

While you may have never heard anyone refer to the style as a "flob" before, this isn't exactly a new style. Rather, it's a blunt bob that's worn sleek and straight with a middle part — and we all know how Gen Z and the rest of the cool kids feel about those.

"With the trending 'flob' hairstyle, you're essentially saying goodbye to the side part and switching it for a middle part, with a bob," hairstylist Cory Aaron Scott told POPSUGAR. "Rosamund Pike rocked one recently for her role on Netflix's I Care a Lot. It's perfect for spring because it's easy to create and maintain on your own and complements your bone structure."

If you wear your hair longer or at medium length regularly and this is a hairstyle you're seriously considering, it's possible to try it out without taking the leap completely. "Go to your local wig store and try on the length of bob you enjoy most," Scott said. "Take a few selfies and share it with your stylist. You now have the perfect template to complete the look."

Look ahead to check out some of our favorite takes on the "flob" hairstyle.

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by Danielle Jackson for pop sugar


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