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Psychedelic Nail Art is Taking Over This Summer

This colorful manicure is dominating Instagram.

After dominating the universe of prints, the time has come for psychedelic art to rise as the nail trend of the moment. The cool look with a vintage feel combines elegance with a touch of casualness in unique designs transporting you directly back to the '60s.

Whether in a daring and intense color palette or betting on pastel shades that bring a delicacy to your nails, psychedelic nail art could be the detail that was missing to further elevate your looks this season. It brings onlookers into a universe worthy of Emilio Pucci prints, becoming the chicest way to wear a kaleidoscopic look.

Although this look seems difficult to recreate at home, it can actually be very practical and just the sort of creative pursuit you need to shake up your routine. Remember when, years ago, water marbling was the nail trend du jour? The technique of putting nail polish in water and soaking your nails overwhelmed the internet and manicurists everywhere. Now, it's back, and it has never seemed so easy—and exciting—to try at home.

However, this is not the only way in which psychedelic nail art appears. Some have opted to relegate the bold print to just the tips of the nails, forming a creative arc. Others prefer to keep the design millimetrically elaborated to form a more creative pattern. If you're looking to take on the look, continue on for some nail art inspiration.

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