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The 13 Best Shampoos For Frizzy Hair + More Smoothing Tips

Naturally frizzy hair isn't something that needs to be fixed. In fact, frizz is often created on red carpets and runway styles to nail the effortlessly chic aesthetic. That being said, sometimes you may want to tame that frizz and that’s okay. Plus, chronic frizz can be a sign that your strands are trying to tell you something.

One product that can make or break a frizzy hair routine is shampoo. If your product is too drying, it'll create unwanted tangles and cause your strands to fray out. You'll know this is the case if your hair feels bone dry or begins to fray immediately after rinsing out your shampoo and before you condition it.

To skip this frustrating experience, opt for one of our top picks below instead.

What causes frizzy hair?

If you take a look at a single strand of hair, it might not look frizzy at all. Yet with all of your hair combined, a straggly look may appear—why is that? Well, frizz doesn't necessarily take over every single strand. "Frizzy hair is caused by the cuticle being flared," stylist Amy Stollmeyer previously told mbg.

"Think of shingles on a roof, aligned and lying flat," Stollmeyer says. When the many causes of frizzy hair take place (more on that next), they can all cause the cuticle (aka the shingles) to raise and flare out, she explains.

"This creates a rougher and 'frizzy' surface texture as well as allows moisture to enter and swell the hair strands," Stollmeyer notes. But what does this actually look like? Let's be honest—frizz is subjective.

1. mbg's picks for the best shampoos for frizzy hair

This wins best overall because it's versatile, effective, and does more than just clean your strands. This innovative formula focuses on balancing the scalp microbiome for healthier hair at the root. The natural conditioning agents from alma and pink lotus help to smooth flyaway strands while encouraging healthier hair in the future.

What our tester says:

After the first wash using this shampoo, I knew it was different. My hair felt squeaky clean but somehow still hydrated and silky. After using the bottle to the last drop, I also noticed my roots becoming healthier and more balanced, only beginning to produce visible oil after a few days rather than a few hours. It's one formula that will never dry out your hair or accentuate your frizz.


Best co-wash: Geologie Smoothing Hair Co-Wash

Co-washing is a great option for folks with dry hair, curly hair, or folks dealing with treatment-resistant frizz. This creamy formula helps to cleanse the scalp without stripping the hair of oil thanks to the blend of humectants like glycerin along with botanical hydrators like avocado oil, coconut oil, and squalane. While it won't cleanse as efficiently as a normal shampoo, it is a great product to use in between washes to mitigate frizz and create a smoother texture. Or for folks with super dry hair, co-washing can be your go-to, reserving typical shampoos for occasional use.

What our tester says:

This is one of the best co-washes on the market because it actually makes your hair feel cleaner in one wash. I've used this product countless times when my hair needs a gentle cleanse without doing a full wash-and-condition regimen. My strands are left super silky after every use and have an easier time holding my natural wavy shape.

3. Best for curly hair: Briogeo Super Moisture Shampoo

Finding a shampoo that keeps textured strands clean without drying them out and creating frizz isn't easy, but this shampoo answers the call. A blend of rosehip oil, B vitamins, plant proteins, and algae extracts work to effectively cleanse your scalp and strengthen dry, damaged strands. The shampoo leaves your hair with moisture so your natural shape can form uninterrupted.

What reviewers say:

Many reviewers say this product is ideal for dry, wavy, and curly hair types. Customers with oily hair report a clean feeling without drying out brittle ends. Some people reported difficulty maneuvering the large bottle due to the lack of a pump.

4. Best for dry scalps: Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo

A dry scalp calls for super sensitive shampoo, and this product is an A+ pick to check that box. Jojoba oil and algae quench a thirsty scalp while phytantriol helps protect your strands from environmental and heat-related damage. The formula is free from drying agents and harsh surfactants so it won't make your hair squeaky clean, but it will deliver a proper wash without disrupting your scalp. Plus, the oils will ensure your hair is frizz-free from root to tip.

What reviewers say:

This formula is best suited for folks with dry scalps, and that's reflected in the reviews. Some users say the shampoo doesn't provide a deep cleanse, while others say it's just the right amount. Many people praise the shampoo for making their strands more manageable, silky smooth, and replenishing moisture lost from over-cleansing, swimming, heat damage, etc.

5. Best for dull hair: Fekkai Brilliant Gloss Shampoo

If your frizz is accompanied by a dull or dusty finish, let them shampoo to revive your strands. The formula is packed with moisturizing oils from olives, rosemary, prickly pear, and sunflower extract. Rice protein strengthens your strands so they're not only glistening in the sun, but also sturdy and resilient.

What reviewers say:

The shine-boosting power is clear with this one. Not everyone favors the new packaging, but the bottle is more sustainable than the materials used previously. Customers note the shampoo does increase shine but never leaves your hair oily or weighed down, making it great for thinner hair types.

6. Best for oily hair: Vegamour HYDR-8 Hydrate and Repair Shampoo

This formula is focused on hydration and repair—two of the most common causes of frizz. The formula uses slick aloe vera, calming magnolia bark extract, and strengthening vegan keratin to deeply cleanse the scalp and make your strands more durable. The shampoo has been clinically shown to strengthen hair and provide 72 hours of hair hydration and frizz reduction.

What our reviewer says:

I can attest: This shampoo really cleans your hair. Even after nights with loads of dry shampoo and hairspray on my strands, this cleanser brings my hair back to life without making it feel breakable like many other powerful shampoos. Even though my hair is squeaky clean, it never feels too dry. It's noticeably less frizzy and greasy all at once. The product lathers up quite nicely, so it's easy to work through super thick hair. The fresh scent is nice but strong, so it may not be everyone's favorite.

7. Best for dry hair: Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Shampoo

You'll know your strands are dry if they feel crispy and begin to frizz right as your hair dries post-wash. If that's the root cause of your messy strands, this shampoo will work wonders. The coconut oil base ensures even the most brittle strands are protected during your cleanse while additions like neem oil, sunflower extract, and tiger herb bring nutrients to your undernourished hair.

What reviewers say:

Customers love that this formula cleanses an oily scalp, extends their no-wash period, and simultaneously protects dry hair from becoming brittle after each wash. Reviewers with all hair types seem to enjoy the after-effects of the creamy shampoo, many people saying it makes their hair look healthier.

8. Best budget: NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Smooth Shampoo

This ultra-hydrating shampoo utilizes Japanese superfoods like yuzu for detangling along with strengtheing quinoa, and shine-boosting and frizz-reducing argan oil. The ingredient list is packed with antioxidant from all kinds of fruits and seeds to protect your strands from environmental stressors while creating a silky finish.

What reviewers say:

Customers with dry, tangled, and frizzy strands adore this product to help smooth flyaways and increase shine. The few negative reviews report that the formula doesn't work great for oily strands, so it may not be the best for that hair type.

9. Best for coily hair: Ethique Professor Curl™ Curl-Defining Solid Shampoo Bar

This bar is ideal for curly or coily hair types as it's packed with nourishing butters and oils. Use the bar directly on your scalp rather than relying on your hands to pick up enough product. The lather isn't as sudsy as traditional shampoos, so you may need a bit more water on your strands before using it.

What reviewers say:

This one is best suited for curly and coily hair types or anyone with super dry strands. The butters will help to nourish dehydrated hair, but may create buildup on other hair types. Be diligent about rinsing this product out fully, as the thick formula left behind may weigh down your strands.

10. Best for thick hair: Ouai Thick Hair Shampoo

In order to efficiently clean thick hair, you'll need a product that has a nice lather and spreads easily—let me tell you, this product does just that. Even a quarter-sized amount is enough to sift through super thick, dense lengths. The formula includes shea butter, hydrolyzed keratin, avocado oil, and marshmallow root to prevent overdrying with every wash.

What our tester says:

I can't tell you how many times I've had to use double the recommended size of shampoo to get through my thick locks. Luckily, this product has a rich lather that easily reaches every end of my scalp without pulling or tugging. It leaves a super clean feeling but doesn't dry out the tips of your hair. I find this product helps to get rid of buildup too, like a light clarifying formula.

11. Best splurge: Prose Custom Shampoo

If you've tried countless shampoos to tame frizz but come up short, I'd suggest giving custom hair care a try. While this isn't necessary for everyone, tailoring your formula to your current hair situation is a valuable tool and may help you finally reap the desired look and feel you've been waiting for. Anyone who has strands that shift with the seasons is especially fit for this program, as you can edit your next bottle at any time to boost moisture or manage an oily scalp.

What our tester says:

I remember switching my shampoo for one of the custom formulas for Prose and seeing an immediate difference in the look and feel of my hair. While $34 isn't necessarily cheap, the price for this custom formula is comparable to many other shampoos on the market, making it a worthy product to test. You can even elect to subscribe to the shampoo only and use your favorite conditioner, or start a whole new regimen.

12. Best for damaged hair: Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Olaplex is famous for its patented bond-building technology that helps revive damaged strands and their shampoo is no exception. In fact, those with loads of heat or color treatment damage should be extra careful when selecting shampoo, as harsh formulas can exacerbate current damage and make your hair more susceptible to damage in the future. The formula also contains oils like sunflower seed and rosemary to ease frizz without making your strands look oily.

What our tester says:

This shampoo is a perfect fit for anyone who frequently uses hot tools or visits the hair salon for color treatments often. When testing this product, I noticed my hair felt smoother and stronger when I was styling it. It's not quite as hydrating as some of the other products, but it does deliver a deep clean without stripping your hair.

13. Best for sensitive scalps: Necessaire The Shampoo

You'll know you have a sensitive scalp if hair products easily create itch and redness or you frequently feel a sting on your scalp. If this sounds familiar, opt for this wash from Necessaire to soothe irritation, protect your scalp's microbiome, and still cleanse efficiently. The hydrating wash uses avocado oil to combat frizz and boost shine while humectants like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid ensure your strands feel as hydrated as they look.

What reviewers say:

Many reviewers praise this shampoo for being super gentle, even on sensitive and reactive skin. It seems to leave a clean feeling, making it a good pick for those who produce oil quickly and thin hair types. Some users with dandruff note this shampoo helps to ease flakes and redness, too.

Shampooing tips for frizzy hair

1. Don’t overdo it: Shampoo can be quite drying for your strands and your scalp, so it’s best to skip daily washes if possible to reduce frizz—especially if your scalp feels tight, too. Start by skipping one wash day a week for a few weeks, and then skip another—do this until your scalp feels less irritated and your natural oils are balanced.

2. Consider a pre-shampoo treatment: One way to reduce frizz without cutting back on your shampoo cadence is by using pre-shampoo oil treatments. In other words, apply oil to your hair before washing to protect as much moisture as you can.

3. Pair it with a hair mask: The cherry on top here will be a super hydrating hair mask. Go for formulas designed for damaged strands (our favorites here) as they’ll be packed with cuticle-repairing ingredients.

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