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5 Short Gray Haircuts That Can Make You Look Younger After 50, A Hair Stylist Says

If you haven’t heard: gray hair is SO glam.

Not only are more celebs embracing the gray hair lifestyle and rocking theirs on red carpets, but more and more non-celebs are catching on to how gorgeous gray can be. There are a number of products on the market that cater specifically to gray hair needs, and we’re also becoming more aware of the cuts and styles that suit this shade and make the most of its vibrancy.

As with all hair shades though. gray hair requires maintenance. It can succumb to dryness and feel coarse, which is why some women choose to cut their gray hair instead of wearing it very long. If you are curious about which short haircuts can really bring out the beauty in gray hair, here are a few great haircuts and tips that work particularly well on gray hair.

A Blunt Bob

Our hair tends to become thinner over the years and can feel and look drier, as well. A blunt bob removes excess weight from the hair and its even line helps make individual strands look and feel plumper and healthier. This is a great cut for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of time they spend styling their hair — it’s easier to blow dry than long hair and works as well with straight hair as it does with wavy or curly hair.

Make sure you speak with your stylist about ways you can create movement in your blunt bob. A few strategic layers or even long fringe can help add body and intrigue to this universally flattering haircut.

A Fun, Funky Pixie Haircut

Feeling playful? A pixie haircut is one of the most liberating — it consists of a short back and sides, with more length at top that gives you the freedom to style it however you see fit. For some, that can mean slicking your hair back or to the side; others may prefer just a little bit of spikiness to give their look a funky twist.

Whatever version of the pixie you prefer, this is one style that definitely makes the most of thinning hair and gives it the appearance of being thicker and healthier. Although your daily upkeep requirements may be minimal, expect to see your stylist every few weeks to keep up its unique shape.

The Sleek Lob

The lob is a cool cut that sits somewhere between a bob and mid-length hair. This collarbone cut is sophisticated and easy to style and maintain — it looks glam whether you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt or a ballgown. As with the bob, talk to your stylist about how much layering they recommend to ensure your hair doesn’t just fall flat. The best part about this cut? It maintains just enough length to allow you to create a chic updo now and again.

Use Purple Shampoo

No matter what haircut you feel suits you the best, your post-salon upkeep matters a great deal. You can have the greatest haircut on the planet, but without the right product, your gray can turn a sallow shade — not the look you’re going for. One solution is to regularly use a purple shampoo that tones down brassiness and makes your gray bright, vibrant, and gorgeous.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Another factor that makes a huge difference when you have gray hair is how hydrated you keep it. Gray hair has a tendency to get drier faster. It’s also more prone to frizz, tangles, and knots. Combat these annoying hair issues with a quality daily conditioner, as well as a mask that you can use weekly to keep your hair well moisturized and nourished. One to try: Kérastase Masque Ultra Violet Purple Hair Mask, which is made with hydrating hyaluronic acid and helps neutralize brassy tones, making it the perfect pick for dry, gray hair.

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Article written by Lisa Cupido


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