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The Octopus Haircut Is The New Take On The Shag Trend

It looks like the nostalgic haircut trend won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Following the return of styles like the shag and the mullet, a similarly retro stlye has emerged: the octopus haircut. While at first glance it may seem to be the same cut as a shag, the octopus haircut has subtle differences — most notable, the sleeker shape.

“The octopus is a little more in the bowl cut family and is a cool cut for someone who wants an edgy style that’s not as messy as the on-trend mullet,” Tina Outen, session hairstylist and celebrity colorist tells GLAM. It’s characterized by a rounder shape up top with tiered layers framing the face, giving it a shape similar to the sea creature.

Ahead, Outen shares more about the trendy style, plus her tips on achieving and maintaining an octopus haircut.

Who does the octopus haircut look best on?

“The shag is very layered, super fluffy, and light in texture, making it ideal for all hair types, whereas the ‘octopus cut’ works best on straighter hair,” says Outen. Having longer and thicker strands is also important, she adds: “To achieve the bowl-esque look of the octopus, you need a decent amount of hair to create the shorter face frame while still having enough left for the longer tendrils on either side.”

What should you ask for at the salon?

As with any new haircut, it’s best to arrive at the salon with pictures of what you’re looking for. Because this particular cut requires a bit more precision, Outen also says a thorough consultation is essential. “I’d say to have a longer consultation with your stylist to really look at the details of this cut and work out what is best to frame your features,” she says.