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'Cold Brew Hair' Is The Caffeine-Inspired Colour Trend For Brunettes Ready To Take A Plunge

Calling all coffee lovers!

There's nothing quite like the gentle clinking of an icy cold brew to jolt you awake throughout a sticky summer. And while caffeine is an all-year round staple, it comes as no surprise that this season's must-have hair colour is named after the beverage we hold dear.

Enter: Cold Brew Brunette.

Speaking of unsurprising concepts, colour trends named after our favourite sweet treats are hardly a new concept. And thanks to the likes of 'chocolate cake' and 'milk tea' hair, our favourite caffeinated drink is also headed to our tresses.

Quietly kicking off in 2018, cold brew hair is making its way back into the spotlight—and salons—for 2021. Courtesy of New York-based colourist Kimberly Bonondona, the rich, multidimensional brown hair colour is perfect for brunettes on the hunt for an extremely flattering hue, minus the high-maintenance.

Inspired by an icy cold brew coffee, the on-trend colour is best described as an espresso-hued brown with golden highlights located through the mid-lengths.

The subtle and natural placement of said highlights reflect the look of coffee after milk has been poured in, but by no means is this term universal. Sitting between a dark chocolate and a warm brown, the colour offers warmth, making it an excellent match for skin tones looking to heat up their look.

But why is it so flattering for brunettes? Well, it uses a natural brown shade as a base, making it almost fool-proof for a delicious pay-off. For brunettes who are big fans of a warm brown, it also serves as an ideal way to dip your toes into redhead territory sans the commitment, or better yet, it's perfect for those wanting to sprinkle warm tones in their medium brown hair.

If you would rather pass on potential brassiness or wine-coloured tones in their hair, it may be a good idea to steer clear of the cold brew.

And while it's easy to jam-pack your phone with an endless stream of pics from the colour trend, asking your colourist for the hue you want without any hiccups comes down to how you describe the trend.

The key to achieving the shiny, deep shade is to ask your hair stylist to ribbon rich highlights and lowlights throughout your hair for dimension. By swirling neutral and golden tones down the hair, it mimics the same action as when one pours milk into an icy coffee.

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Another vital step to matching your locks to your cold brew is to keep your hair shiny and as glossy as possible, that way, your tresses look like the wet condensation dripping down your cup.

A perfect choice as we begin to prepare for cooler weather, the best part is that cold brew hair is incredibly low-maintenance—for those who are already brunettes, of course. Just keep your roots darker and closer to your natural colour, that way your new baby lights can create a soft dimension.

Need some cold brew hair inspiration? Scroll on to see the look in all its gorgeous glory, and yes, remember to save these for your stylist.

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article written by Diandra Malivindi for Elle


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